we subbed the SHIT outta these

first releasers of

Kuroshitsuji II 08


Shukufuku no Campanella 08

next on the Commieblock: Senba, Mago, Shiki, LHeroes. Same Commie time, same Commie channel.

We admit slackage on the following:

Asobi ni Ikuyo! 06

Tai: Also, asistodroids > tits.

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27 Responses to “RELEASES”

  1. EpicNaruto says:

    Awesome! Thanks commies. Always glad to wait for your releases since they are the best.

  2. Shampoo says:

    >speedsub campanella

    >slack on asobi for over a week


  3. PLH says:

    Best gif yet.

  4. fvdf says:

    If only you were as quick subbing the shows no other good fansubbers are doing, also kuro 08 has been done for a while.

  5. -- says:

    Shiki…and Mago. D:

  6. Windridge says:

    that was my face when i saw commie finished subbing Shukufuku first
    can we expect this to happen every week, or is this like a one day deal?

    • lovelyidol says:

      lmao. It depends, I usually finish tling it in one day. depends on the editors, timers, etc.

  7. N says:

    You guys seem to really like TNG. That makes me very glad.

    • Basement Dad says:

      Come on. TNG has so much potential for this kind of jokes.
      <- Love the Horatio Punchline jokes.
      The victim's eyes were removed and she was raped through her eye sockets. It seems, she didn't see it cumming XD. YEAAAAAAAHHH.

  8. fvdf says:

    Whats tng=D

    • Jonas says:

      O_O blasphemy!!!!

      TNG = Startrek “The New Generation”

      Although piccard was old but still the guy playing him was awesome.

  9. Anon says:

    Damn you guys!
    Derp still released LOLH faster than you even though they delayed, shape up! D:

  10. Shuckfuck says:

    Thanks for Shuckfuck and Asobi.
    Good speed, too!

    Here’s another Csi joke:

  11. ingrid00 says:

    I took LOL Heroes 8 from Derp a while ago & realize that their sub lack of chapter order.. So, I’ll decide to continue with Commie since Derp couldn’t give more than just sub.. Even they’re not subbing preview (what the?!)
    Well, there’s no reason to change to another sub since Commie still one of the great subber for LOL Heroes….Hope the the love crisis would be over this week, so we could see LOL episodes in the same week they’re airing.

  12. learning says:

    Thank you!!!

    campanella is awesome ^_^

  13. Kwel says:

    No Nura / Shiki? :(

  14. anon says:

    Kuroshitsuji bragging? You’re only competing with some “dhjsgfnjhsdgk languages” and shinsen subs which is like beating a snail now a days..

    Shiki and LoLH’s are “laughing” at the 4-5 days though..

  15. Zaton says:

    Any ETA on LoLH ?

  16. newfag says:

    “soon” wtf