Robotics;Notes 19


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  1. AMg says:

    Shits really goes down in this episode. The true nature of Anemone incident have been revealed and more Stein;Gates references.

    Nae is such a badass adorable.

  2. bbo says:

    holy crap, they dialed the suspense from a measly 2-3 to 11 now…

    • AMg says:

      Not to mention, there still 3 episodes left before it conclude to flash forward scene in the 1st episode. I’m anticipating Kimijima’s rant about the whole report and Project Atum.

      • bbo says:

        what is it anyway with all those previews in episode one this season?

        • AMg says:

          I don’t know, dude. Maybe it’s like, “This is where we are now, but first let us show you how did we manage to get here so far…” Some anime like the viewers have some sort of reference before they delve into the story. Others, wants you to guess what really happen with the story. For Robotic;Notes the flash forward scene doesn’t really reveal what did happen to the main casts like Subaru. As for Jormungand Perfect Order, it made the viewer wonder did Jonah left Koko team for real?

          Either way, it a good way to build anticipation as long as it’s being executed properly.

  3. Azutte says:

    so did you guys drop Maoyuu

  4. ofislacker says:

    Project ‘atom’, not atum.
    Look at the report title.

    • herkz says:

      >japan in charge of english
      >atum makes more sense


    • Shirt says:

      >Japan/leechers in charge of consistency

      Can’t be helped.

    • Xythar says:

      It’s been written (and pronounced) as アトゥム several times throughout the show. Atom would be アトム, not アトゥム, so unless it starts showing up as “Atom” in other places I’m going to chalk this up to a mistake by the studio.