Robotics;Notes 2, Zetsuen no Tempest 3

Robotics;Notes 2

Zetsuen no Tempest 3

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18 Responses to “Robotics;Notes 2, Zetsuen no Tempest 3”

  1. Solaristics says:

    Thank you~

  2. Catastrophe says:


    robotics….. its good i guess

  3. macxxx007 says:


    Thanks so much for Zetsuen no Tempest! ‘TIS AN INTERESTING ONE!

    Thanks again and have a good night!

  4. Deda says:

    Thanks for the release, I really like your version of Robotics;Notes.

    Your translation is true to the original visual novel, like “Tanegashi Machine 3” (instead of -san in the FUNI version) and the style of the subs is really well done. GJ~!

  5. vivant says:

    thanks for both of them, I watch so many titles compared to the last season =P

  6. vivant says:

    Btw, I really like your ED lyric typesetting for Zetsuen no Tempest. So I have an idea, how about typeset the OP lyrics below those kanji on the screen? I think I’d be good =)
    Just some random idea hehe..

  7. storrm says:

    WTF any one ells get a random anomaly in the video at 20:40 till 20:45 that makes 2 of 4 CPU core go from 5% to 70% load and spins up the GPU fans to max for a few seconds then every thing back to normal. thats so odd ive nether seen something like that before. idk if its just my torrent or some random derp. Robotics;Notes

    • bbo says:

      have that too. can not be my system as it’s quite the high end consumer tech.

      probably some codec or encoding glitch.

      • johnny_dickpants says:

        I think it’s one of xythar’s typesets.

        • Xythar says:

          Yeah, that’s the gradient mask I used for the guy’s PDA screen. Kinda chokes a bit when it moves, though I’m sure PCs will be able to handle it one day.

          • joeshmoe says:

            I switched over to xy-vsfilter (instead of the internal sub renderer) and it fixes it.

            There are some resolution drawbacks with VSFilter, but the tradeoffs are worth it (and you can always switch back).

  8. Yay says:

    Hello, where can i download only the subtitle file?