Robotics;Notes 4


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7 Responses to “Robotics;Notes 4”

  1. Anifan says:

    :D – loving this series, many thanks for your work, muchly appreciated be all

  2. pepperoni says:

    Is hertz blocking DHT, LPD, and Peer Exchange on the torrents? The heck gives? That’s the 2nd torrent now.

  3. vivant says:

    aww thanks~
    it’s starting to get interesting =)

  4. AMg says:

    Frau is so adorkable. Her netspeak in her dialogue made me lol’d.

    The “Elephant-Mouse Syndrome” is properly explained in this episode. However, does the JAXA’s rocket launch and its payload have to do with the mysterious reddish aurora and mysterious mass fainting on Anemone?

    Just like Steins;Gate more of these mysteries will be unravel on the future episodes. :3

    • bbo says:

      at least they’re not backlooping here.
      Time travels give me a major fucking headache.

      • Doctor Bojangles says:

        Now, this is entirely speculation, but i get the feeling that the anime which the girl is obsessed with is actually based on the future events in which they pilot their robot and save the world or some such jazz, so you might have an incoming headache ;D