Sailor Moon Crystal 01


herkz: Ruining your childhood anime, one meme at a time.

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35 Responses to “Sailor Moon Crystal 01”

  1. Anonyneko says:

    Oh boy here we go.

  2. Bob says:

    Commie, I love you guys. But please don’t let this one be hella delayed like JoJo. :(

    • herkz says:

      uh jojo is delayed because it has insane typesetting. this show does not.

      • Bob says:

        O-oh that’s true. Sorry, I didn’t even realize. :v

      • ZTF says:

        Why does the typesetting for Jojo take so long? What about it is different from any of the other shows you do? I’m not trying to criticize or anything, I’m genuinely curious.

  3. Charmy says:

    Thank you so much for this! <3

  4. xDev says:

    its here!!

  5. jabashque says:

    Is the song TL derived from the official subs or something?

  6. bbo says:

    really? don’t have anything better to do? -_-,

  7. Are you working on subbing the third Ghost in the Shell: Arise movie?

  8. Akane says:

    Good grief, I watched the Crunchyroll version out of excitement and was taken aback by how awkward and stilted the translation was. I don’t know how things went so wrong since I usually like CR, but I’m going with you guys from now on.

  9. Cringe says:

    In your opinion was the episode actually any good?

  10. hoang says:

    thanks you guys a lot, actually this is the first time i’ve ever watched sailor moon so i’m looking forward to your subbing

  11. flupperman says:

    her voice sounds horrible (for bunny)

  12. Zhiro says:

    Oh…boy, lets see if there will be a shred of my childhood remaining alive once this is over….on a sidenote i saw a screenshot on facebook and honestly…did they tell Mamoru that he will be appearing in Black Butler but ended up in this show :D

  13. Kite says:

    My eyes… are bleeding…

  14. Franky says:

    Jo, yu guys sure its “Make Up” and not “Wake Up”? At least in the old series it was something like the 2nd (only wached in german back then)

  15. Kite says:

    In the german version it was “Macht auf” which literally translates to “make up”

  16. damedame says:

    Thank you based Commie for saving us from the terrible official subs.

  17. PureDriveGT says:

    No… “Macht auf” means “open up” And it used to be make up in the old series, at least the english subs.

  18. Norsk F. Katt says:

    Thank you a lot, Commies. Usagi was my first magical girl … some 17-18 years ago, with a Russian dub … but now it is painful to watch. After Nanoha and Kira Yamato (no homo! I know, he is neither magical nor a girl, but still …) … holy crap, I need some Bleeprin … thank you guys!