Sailor Moon Crystal 15


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6 Responses to “Sailor Moon Crystal 15”

  1. tm says:

    I’ve got big ball(s)…

  2. Corno4 says:

    Why am I still watching this shit?

  3. Cnt3rd says:

    “Mini Usa”

    Seriously, guys?

    I mean I got why you did the OPs weird in SAO but now you’re just being obnoxious.

  4. blue-chan says:

    Wow, wow, wow, Pluto looks like shit. And to think I was actually excited at the prospect of her appearing in the (slightly modified) opening for this arc… I mean, her upper body and especially her face – come on! What the hell is that?! Was it so damn hard to get a nice, well drawn angle of her in the bloody opening?

    Before the airing of its first episode I was weeping over the fact that this show won’t get to reboot the Mugen arc, but now I’m more than glad Crystal will stop with the Black Moon arc, so they don’t get to ruin Uranus and Neptune as well.

    Fucking thank you, Toei.

    Anyway, I’m still glad you guys aren’t giving up on subbing it. I’m beyond disappointed with the quality, but there’s too much nostalgic guilt making me come back for each new episode. (-_-)