Sailor Moon Crystal 16


herkz: Not even illegal chess moves can make this show enjoyable to watch.

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10 Responses to “Sailor Moon Crystal 16”

  1. DmonHiro says:

    Wow, we went from them getting their asses kicked every episode to them getting kidnapped each episode. Progress?

    • bbo says:

      Remember when this was written.
      And japan is still the most sexist country in the world.

      • bbo says:

        At least among the industrial nations.

      • Death says:

        how is japan the most sexist country? where is your evidence?

        and one you can’t since only a few countries make cartoon

        2 you have no proof and just shouting nonsense like a typical retard and

        3 you will just curse me out because i am right

  2. Spoondiddly says:

    That’s female empowerment for ‘ya.

  3. klaynne14 says:

    gg pls

  4. Schneizel el Britannia says:

    His Majesty would’ve taken the king without any hesitation.

  5. Death says:

    this is why this sub group gets haters from all direction

  6. Jistuce says:

    Trust Molly to save us from the melodrama. I swear, give her a transformation pen, make her an honorary scout. The team NEEDS someone to defuse the melodrama.

    Also to remind them not to try and solo bosses(mid- or otherwise), but it seems to be a bit late for that.