Saint Young Men OVA 01


Note: This is not a shareraw, which doesn’t happen to be literally the only version of it available online.

Also there is a second one in July and a movie in theaters sometime soon.

Here are the Commandments for anyone that cares, since there wasn’t anywhere good to typeset them.

Commandments of Matsuda Heights
1. Thou shall not be overdue on rent
2. Thou shall not be lazy with separating and disposing of garbage correctly
3. Thou shall not forget to take the time to greet peers
4. Thou shall not make loud noises
5. Thou shall respect thy parents
6. Thou shall not annoy thy neighbor
7. Thou shall not hold assembly
8. Thou shall not house pets
9. Thou shall not feed wild animals
10. Thou shall not make excessive light
If any of these rules are broken, offenders will be evicted.

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9 Responses to “Saint Young Men OVA 01”

  1. Acheron says:

    I’m honestly not sure whether or not to call this religious anime or not…either way, thanks for doing it.

  2. Amazed says:

    I saw this manga years ago in Japan, bought volumes 1-3 on interest alone. It turned out to be completely hilarious. Always wanted it to be an anime.

    I can’t wait to watch it.

  3. J says:

    Amazing. Can’t wait for the rest. :3

  4. Monkey D. Fluffy says:

    Habemus herkzam

  5. bbo says:

    10:45 – could they be *feeing* the cats as well?

    There are two occurrences of “A *something something*” when you would expect “I” – is that his dialect?

  6. Trey says:

    Oh ho. Take that WhyNot.