Saki 23


Too tired to blog at the moment.

Umm… notable things:

  • This week’s transport stream was capped from TVA
  • My eyes say the video quality is better. Your mileage may vary
  • I need to make a rant post on translation (or lackthereof) of mahjong terminology in subtitles
  • Oh and I bothered to move the subtitles so they aren’t covering the hands
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3 Responses to “Saki 23”

  1. Bernd says:

    Thanks for your releases!

    Two things:
    – the Saki 22 DDL link is 404
    – sometimes, your subs contain unnecessary forced line breaks (\N); that’s a problem if you change the font size; the player (well, VSFilter and libass) can do line breaking on its own, taking the current font style in account