Samurai Flamenco 01


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7 Responses to “Samurai Flamenco 01”

  1. dmonhiro says:

    I was fooled into believing the show itself was like the OP. Joke’s on me. This is kind of… gay, so far. I don’t mean that as “stupid”, I mean I’m getting the same homosexual/bromance vibes I got from Apollon.

  2. BigFire says:

    Tiger & Bunny meets Kick Ass?

  3. JohnVaughan says:

    The triumphant return of Hidenori. LDR with Literary Girl.

  4. Pebble says:

    Kick ass – the crappy bits?

    This is actually pretty…cynical.

  5. Kohiro says:

    Nope. This guy is the Real… Ass Kicked. lol