Samurai Flamenco 08



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10 Responses to “Samurai Flamenco 08”

  1. Telok says:

    oh god what the fuck

  2. Anonymous says:

    W-What this is really happening is it?

  3. heh says:


  4. Anifan says:

    is that a Chaos; Head reference I see there Servrhe?

  5. Malific says:

    Wow.. some serious foreshadowing this episode. Something big and terrible is going to happen soon.

    • XerBlade says:

      Well, going by standard patterns of what this show is based on, the big and terrible thing will either be that Red Axe dies or King Torture turns out to be Ishihara’s older brother. Possibly both.

      • McHerp says:

        Wait, what? So far it at least feels pretty obvious that editor guy’s King Torture just to spice shit up after things mellowed down. And if someone’s going to die, judging by the OP it’ll be Sugita’s no screentime girlfriend…

  6. Commander Bubble says:

    this show has taken a turn for the strange… and yet i feel that i need to know what happens, and therefore must keep watching it.

    what a conundrum.