SANKAREA GETS AN ANIMU a.k.a. we're picking up so much shit we'll never get anything done



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21 Responses to “SANKAREA GETS AN ANIMU a.k.a. we're picking up so much shit we'll never get anything done”

  1. blindbox says:


  2. Mael says:

    Fuck Yeah Zombie Saten anime

  3. anon says:

    Oh yay, more shit like Korean War Zombie Desk Car, how wonderful.

  4. Ace says:

    Sankarea? I love good news.

  5. randomfag says:

    looks like, sounds like, and it will be shit.

  6. Geisha says:

    awww yeah tits.

  7. zinc says:

    Dead tits are still tits. As long as the body’s warm.

  8. Necr_ says:

    Hellz yeah, been reading the manga a while now, good shit

  9. Kirby_422 says:

    Awesome. Can’t wait for the uncensored blurays~! dat treebranch through the stomach!

  10. Break says:

    hm i dont really know what its going to be.. based on the synopsis it could be either soem kind of love comedy with a zombie
    or some ind of deep social show about the issues of people with no actual zombies appearing
    or it could be some light-horror thigny
    anyways gonna try it out. the drawing style looks good at least.

  11. Auro says:

    for those who are lost, I’d say give the manga a spin. It’s Zombie based romance (trust me, it sounds worse than it is), but it is good, character driven manga.


    • johnny_dickpants says:


      • Auro says:

        yeah, threw that up there as a “well shit, maybe this’ll make those that are too lazy to download to read” and then immediately saw that simple-scans has an online reader. Feel free to pull that it you want

  12. Seppo-kun says:

    Hell motherfucking yeah.

  13. zaedaus says:

    hell yeah

  14. Zan says:

    The problem with Japan is it does not know when to stop.

  15. Shinekami.FTW says:

    Its about time.

  16. mond says:


  17. Some Dood says:

    Rules! Both the show and you doin’ it.

  18. Chunghwa says:

    Japan sure loves its zombie animoos. It hasn’t even been three seasons and we’re getting another one. HotD, Korean Zombie… have I missed a few?