Sasami BD Volume 1


>yfw more sasasmi and it’s not episode 9

Episode 9 should be done soon™, at least.

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14 Responses to “Sasami BD Volume 1”

  1. Sage009 says:

    Where’s mah henneko? D:

  2.  says:

    >yfw i’m actually waiting to watch this shitty show with your subs

  3. erejnion says:

    didja fix that “thanks for the grub” part? I found that line uncharacteristic of Tama~

  4. Tyson says:


    you forgot the trademark

  5. Proud fapper says:


  6. lae says:


  7. Oddmoonlight says:

    You guys said the same thing for Da Capo and were still waiting for it to be QC…

  8. Oddmoonlight says:

    First asked on FAQ,then after waiting a week and seeing it wasn’t posted there(was waiting for moderation it seems) I asked on IRC and was told it was at QC