Schwarzesmarken 09

( ¬‿¬)

Kyhz: lae hid my computer so I couldn’t sub this until now. Ep 10 tomorrow.

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10 Responses to “Schwarzesmarken 09”

  1. AMg says:

    Damn. ’bout time. While real life happened, I’d finish Muv Luv Alternative last two nights. Pretty depressing.

  2. Scrat says:

    Get that chopper is the air.

    I’ve was taken by […]

    good QC there.

  3. munkeh says:

    The mechs fucking hugged I want to drop the show

  4. welp says:

    it’s much too late, now. i’ve watched… horriblesubs

  5. munkeh says:

    >Ep 10 tomorrow.

    • herkz says:

      it’s actually done but we can’t release it because the bot is broken and i’m too lazy to manually upload it

      you can find it here though

      • AMg says:

        Then, the progress shown on the Showtime is for Episode 11?

        • herkz says:

          no, but the bot releasing the file updates showtimes at the same time, so if i change showtimes, the bot will not work correctly