Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ 05


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  1. Goten_ssj3 says:

    Thanks! You guys are the best. <:

  2. Rafael says:


  3. Pikanet128 says:


  4. Chihayafurufag says:


  5. URGH says:

    When will you release last two G BD episodes?

  6. DocTock says:

    Thanks for all your work on this series! One nitpick: It’s probably ‘Bavarian Illuminati’, not ‘Pavarian’. The Bavarian Illuminati was a historical organisation led by Adam Weishaupt.

    Or I’ve missed a joke and am an idiot.

  7. Nonafel says:

    Why is that image not subbed to say “I suck at making linker?”

  8. Anon says:

    I can’t comment on the donation page, so I’ll write my question here instead:

    What are your expenses for? They’re around $100 a month which for the servers, but for what servers? Is it mainly the frontend web servers or XDCC bots?

    • herkz says:

      no, encoding server/group FTP

      the website and xdcc bot are effectively free

      • Anon says:

        Can’t you do the encoding on someone’s desktop computer and then use the FTP server as a “proxy”?

        Have you considered using IPFS to distribute the files/website? If something happens to the server the site will still be intact.

        • herkz says:

          i mean the encoder (me) could buy a decent computer, but that would end up being the same thing.

          and i have no idea what you mean by a proxy.

          • Anon says:

            Well, it seems cheaper to buy a computer than to rent a server in the long run.

            I thought the FTP server was for hiding your IPs from each other. Couldn’t you use BitTorrent/IPFS for sharing files internally if you’re not worried about that?

            • herkz says:

              no, it’s to have a central location to share the files that we have full control over

              • Anon says:

                You could use IPFS for that. IPFS works like BitTorrent for the individual files, but you can also use it to maintain an updateable directory with IPNS.
                Here is an example (static):
                This would also enable other people to mirror the FTP server (if desired)

                • herkz says:

                  yeah, but i can’t physically modify stuff on the server directly. and changes i want to make would require me to reupload the entire file with my shitty upload speed.

                  • W706 says:

                    Practicality vs. Expenses, Practicality tends to win out most of the time.

                    • herkz says:

                      it doesn’t cost anything. the server we use to encode also hosts the ftp. i guess we could save a little money by getting a server with less space, but not much.

                  • Anon says:

                    No. Modifying a file is instant. The server just has metadata stored and fetches the file on-demand (or from cache)
                    You’re never uploading anything to a server, it’s more like bittorrent where you create a torrent and upload whenever someone wants to download. If you have someone mirroring it, this download process would start as soon as you “upload” the file.

                    No, you don’t need to download the entire file if only parts of it have changed. The file is split up into chunks using Rabin fingerprinting (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabin_fingerprint#), only the parts that differ get downloaded again. Of course, if you re-encode an entire file which changes all the bits somehow, this doesn’t help.

                  • Anon says:

                    Your comment is nested too deep so I can’t reply to it.

                    You could use someone in the group’s computer as an encode server. If you’re only doing encoding, you can get also quite cheap VPSes that only have SSDs, and then use them for the initial IPFS seeding as well. You then archive them for the long term on your computer during the night or some other low-utilization time.

                  • Anon says:

                    >someone in the chain still needs a good upload speed for this to work

                    That’s true, it works like a BitTorrent swarm. But you can use a cheap VPS with a small storage (50gb or so) to encode with and to do the initial seeding. Then the swarm picks up the bandwidth burden, and whoever is interested in archival (eg. group members, other people who are interested in archival) picks up the storage burden.
                    >yeah except people need to download the files quickly, not whenever at a later date

                    Most cheap VPSes have gigabit internet speeds.

  9. Dio says:

    When are you gonna release subs for episode 6?

    • herkz says:


      • Dio says:

        Ok, thanks..

      • Literally Everyone says:

        Welp, time to learn Japanese.

      • awesomedude20 says:

        *dies inside*


        I have patience.

      • awesomedude20 says:

        Actually, I will genuinely ask.

        Are you serious about that, or simply joking around, which I understand.

        If it’s simply being delayed by any variety of reason that’s fine, I cam wait. IF however, subbing for the show has actually ceased for any variety of reasons, it’d be cool to know so I can stop sitting in anticipation.

        Either way, it’d jst be cool to know.

        On a other note, excellent work thus far, especially some of that fancy typesetting, must’ve been hel!

  10. awesomedude20 says:

    Oh god. Sites are rioting at the lack of the new episode XD

    Oh how angry people get over simple delays.

  11. Joseph says:

    The delays must be the work of an enemy Stand!

  12. awesomedude20 says:

    2 weeks without Symphogear.

    *withdrawal symptoms intensify*

    I can only hope the dudes aren’t busy next week.

    • herkz says:


      • awesomedude20 says:

        I hate me too.

      • question says:

        What does “smh” mean? Shut Mouth Hore (which would actually be wHore)/Hobo/Homo?

        ….never mind looked it up, and it stands for shaking my head…and here I was hoping it meant something more interesting…

        Looking forward to episodes 6 and 7 whenever/if they eventually come out. Thanks for putting in the work Commies its appreciated.

  13. pengu says:

    vale please

  14. Pikanet128 says:

    So is ep6 done or is the showtimes broken