Servant x Service 04


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  1. Srph says:

    Thanks !

    Damn, I really want Chihaya to succeed with Lucy.

  2. Strych says:

    Taking セクハラはご退場下さい and morphing it into “Please leave the room, cis male scum” (2m24s) … while I do realize that your official position is that you’re subbing for yourselves first and foremost and that community satisfaction comes second (or not at all), this *is* the sort of thing which damages your guys’ reputation as a quality speed subbing group. It’s the sort of crap that’s going to keep you from ever getting donations anything near as impressive as UTW’s $3,778 in just 24 hours. And so if you give even two shits about this, i.e. if you want more people to help out with DotA and donations and the like, then you should knock the rewrite crap off. Not sure whether the blame lies with the translator, the editor, or both, but this is the sort of thing which no translator ought to do nor should any editor allow to pass by unchecked.

    Granted, it’s not like the entire script is like this. Several minutes in and it’s still just that one line; everything else is translated wonderfully. But all it takes is that one blemish to ruin an otherwise immaculate product.

    • Xythar says:

      > And so if you give even two shits about this, i.e. if you want more people to help out with DotA and donations and the like

      There’s only one person who benefits from either of those, so maybe you should address him directly.

      The rest of the people, as you adequately summed up, do not give two shits.

      • Strych says:

        Realistically, RHE isn’t likely to reprimand anyone involved with this script change just because one person on the blog spoke up about translation practices. The only reason I’ve even bothered speaking up about this is because most of you seem like pretty cool people and, despite your tough guy exteriors, you do seem to care about your work and enjoy positive emotional support from the community. So I felt it’d be worth it to endure the sarcastic kneejerk reactions from some of the other staff members if it meant there was even the remotest chance of the person who was responsible for this change realizing, “You know, he’s got a point. While he’s got a bit of a stick up his ass and writes way too much, he’s got a point. Script changes like this one just aren’t worth it in the long run. They hurt the group disproportionately to the satisfaction I get from them.”

        Even if every last member of the staff bitterly disagree with what I’ve said, I still think you guys are mostly cool people and I’m appreciate of all your efforts on the shows you’ve worked on over the years. Thanks.

        • Xythar says:

          There’s not much you can do but talk to brainchild about it directly, which would involve a different angle than the “hit them in the wallet” one.

          That being said, though I don’t particularly care about the line quoted, I’ve long since given up on having any say in what other people do here either way. I just edit my shows and that’s it.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      cool story bro

    • Strych says:

      And as for that otherwise-wonderful script … you guys have a history of using CrunchyRoll’s subtitles as a base script and then making modifications to these as necessary. (A lot of groups do this, and pointing this out is in no way meant as a slight against you. Frankly, it’s smart time management to take a base script and then offer corrections as necessary rather than doing everything from scratch.) So after I replied above, I decided to see if that was the case here with Servant x Service. And sure enough, a quick examination suggests that this is the case. Cool. I’ve no complaint there when what you’re doing is actually correcting errors that CR made themselves; and I’ve no complaint when you even make *zero* changes to their script and all you’re doing is just re-encoding the file in the way you feel is best; but when you’re only making the most minor of positive modifications and are then counterbalancing these with some major negative modifications, that’s when your fans have to question whether they should watch with you guys instead of watching with CR / HorribleSubs or with some other group.

      In the first two and a half minutes of the file (including OP), you changed four words. (You also dropped all honorifics which is business as usual. Moving right along …) One change was a decision to opt out of a somewhat more awkward English adverb, “nonchalantly”, and replace it with a somewhat more colloquial alternative, “subtly”. +1 to Commie. One was a morph away from CR’s somewhat more transcribed offering of “guard” for an arguably more translation-accurate choice of “awareness”. Again, +1 to you guys, cool. One was another morph of the same nature, this time from CR’s transcription “bust” to Commie’s contextual translation “boobs”. These are the sorts of modifications to the CR script that your fans doubtless value you for. You’re rendering CR’s sometimes stuffy, sometimes hyperliteral translations a bit more vernacular and accurate for meaning. Great. But all of that improvement flies out the window when you opt to then have Chihaya refer to Hasebe as “cis male scum”, which is incredibly loaded jargon, even though she said nothing of the sort in the original script. It’s like you took us three tiny steps forward but then one giant leap back.

    • airco says:

      Yeah, that’s a pretty retarded line. I guess it’d be nice if we inserted le epic memes less often, but each show is up that particular editor’s discretion, so it can’t be helped.

      Donations don’t go to editors, and only RHE plays DotA, so you can’t really hold that over their heads.

    • brainchild says:

      I’d actually love it if fans stopped donating to fansubs and spent their money supporting the industry, so by supporting “us,” you’re actually spiting me.

      Thank you for voicing your concerns in a very civil manner. They’ve been duly noted.

  3. macxxx007 says:

    Bah… oh well…

    Thanks for the episode! Please have a good weekend!

  4. anon says:

    my favorite Commie lol is still “This is going on Facebook.” from P4A

  5. OuxHi says:

    i googled “cis male scum” and don’t know what it means. anyone know its meaning? or is it a typo?