Servant x Service 10


Juular: Hope y’all enjoy those overkilled masks as much as I did while making them.

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10 Responses to “Servant x Service 10”

  1. Kishi says:

    Thank youuuuu.

  2. suewa suewa says:

    did anyone else had any issue with the subtitle when the signs appeared at the building? Or do I need to update my xy-vsfilter?

    • Juular says:

      I’m sure everyone did. That’s where the masks I was referring are. The bottom sign also has gradient. All of that being motion tracked will kill a toaster.

      There’s another one around 4m, but some colors aren’t rendering correctly or something.

      I’ll make everything at least microwave friendly in the batch.

      • dgw says:

        Now I have to figure out how to tell if any of my Early 2011 MBP, 2013 Nexus 7, or 2009 Sager NP2098 is at least microwave-level. I know the MBP can’t handle those masks, not no way, not no how.

  3. IKKIX says:

    my computer literately FROZE i had to restart twice at that building scene

  4. RDF2050 says:

    Juular, why don’t you start a company with Haidaraaaaa as Toaster Destroyers Corp?

    I am sure both of you can be a good team in destroying all the toasters in the world.

  5. dgw says:

    Batch corrections (besides those f***ing masks):

    16:45: s/it’s/It’s/
    19:13: s/Well,,/Well,/