Servant x Service 13 END


Juular: hi

brainchild: batch in a week or so

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16 Responses to “Servant x Service 13 END”

  1. Meme says:

    Why did this have to end?

    I need more of this. All of the things.

  2. Proud fapper says:

    Railgun when?

  3. macxxx007 says:

    No surprises there… thanks so much for bringing this series to us! WOULD LOVE TO SEE A SECOND SEASON!

    Thanks again and I can’t wait to see what you did next!

  4. Cael says:

    Quick question: Will you guys do BlazBlue? Or should I find another group?

  5. Ji says:

    Positron pls

  6. Yohohoho says:

    Thanks for this series – enjoyed it a lot!
    Chihaya FTW!

  7. Jake says:

    Any update on the batch ?