Shana 19


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  1. Highlander says:

    RHExcelion are you going to finish Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou?

  2. AMg says:

    Finally! C’mon, Yoshida-san. Sacrifice yourself in the name of LOVE :3

  3. xfri says:

    Still Waiting for Persona 4 The Animation, Thank you for Shana ep 19

    • Xythar says:

      Yes, we know. We are working on it, but it has been delayed as the typesetter has been having connection issues and there is an assload of typesetting in thie episode. It will be out when it’s finished.

      • xfri says:

        Oh now i know persona is so special, i will not ask anymore.

        • XerBlade says:

          He’s lying. It’s not out yet because I kidnapped the typesetter and stole the episode.


          • xfri says:

            Huh? it’s already out ep19 but not yet sub by commie. YOU FAIL.

            • XerBlade says:

              Um, if I stole the episode when I kidnapped the typesetter, that would normally mean that I stole Commie’s version that already had TL and editing done and was in the middle of being typeset, wouldn’t it?

              Note: If you don’t think things through before saying “YOU FAIL,” YOU FAIL.

              Anyway, we’re in the midst of negotiations right now, so don’t bother us.

              • xfri says:

                So? YOU FAIL AGAIN LOL.

                • CrimsonX says:

                  i just happened to come here to check the date on this episode and read the comments… At what point did it become acceptable to go on someones elses website, on which they translate and encode brand new high quality anime for FREE, and bitch!? I just got in this same arguement on gotwoot’s site where i get mirai nikki. Some troll decides to come along and bitch about speed when they dont do a damn thing to contribute. What i want to know is why? what possible purpose does it hold? will it make them release it faster? most likely not, if you really step out of line they wont release the shit at all. So when posting comments on someones site they have set up to offer their services, all free of charge, remember that complaining is the last thing you should do, if anything you should be kissing their asses, not the opposite. Anyways, ive wasted too many words as is on this troll.
                  Thank you Commie!!

  4. Alex says:

    Thanks :D