Shana 22, Nise 10, Pirates 10

Shakugan no Shana III 22

Nisemonogatari 10

Mouretsu Pirates 10

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21 Responses to “Shana 22, Nise 10, Pirates 10”

  1. Anon-kun says:


  2. thx says:

    thanks a lot

  3. Asa says:

    all these releases disrupt my study time…guess I’ll repeat again and aim for the finals next year!

  4. blub says:

    Niseeeeeeeeeeeeee. Day=made.

  5. vcx says:

    Did you sub Shana? Or did you get the subs from somewhere other than Niconico?

  6. JokersJist says:

    Why you no Inu x Boku SS? XDDD. Just trying to joke around, don’t get mad whoever is working on it XD.

  7. Alesianduke says:

    Thank you for Nisemonogatari!

  8. somefag says:


    >197 MB


  9. mascthemoney says:

    i watched the OP while i was high and almost i cried out of joy.

  10. macxxx007 says:

    Schweet… too awesome! THANKS!

  11. Human says:

    All manners of fuck for Nisemono, didn’t see that coming.

  12. Tim says:

    Uwau! Chiaki-taichou!

  13. AMg says:

    FINALLY! The annoying mad professor is dead! Still, they are derping with each other.

    Technical jargon are spewing out the Mouretsu Pirates at the rate of expansion of the universe due to dark energy. :3