Shana 24 END, InuBoku 11

Shakugan no Shana III 24 END

Inu x Boku SS 11

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25 Responses to “Shana 24 END, InuBoku 11”

  1. Thanks for subbing the final episode of Shana! now time to watch it =D

  2. n says:

    thank you!

  3. DFTBA says:

    Finally ended…God WHY MUST MY TEENHOOD ANIME END!?

  4. Newts says:

    Which one do I watch? [9D13BEF4] or [836F45FA] They both downloaded on my RSS

    • Newts says:

      Nevermind. [836F45FA] has been removed from Nyaa so I’m guessing its the other one.

  5. Stargazemg says:

    Thanks & I like the look of the home page!!!

  6. VanFinale says:

    Anyone else extremely disappointed with Season 3 of Shana?

  7. Progeusz says:

    Shana Final END – at last! Previous seasons were better.

  8. Verix says:

    Thanks for the final ep

  9. Alexy says:

    Thanks a lot Commie!!

    Still waiting for Last Exile!

  10. Santa-san says:

    Thanks for finishing up Shana. The end was awesome! 10/10.

    What’s the status on Last Exile Fam Fam Fam? That’ll be another series done if you released that. :3

  11. Ausmix says:

    cheers for the upload.

    just one thing, about Yuuji becoming human again. It’s translation error. The Word “human” wasn’t said nor it was written in novel.

    • Vale says:

      herpaderpa. “real human” as in contrast of a torch. consult the editor for further information.

      • YOuna says:

        She says
        Literally: You aren’t a torch anymore. You became a one sole existance.

        While the word human isn’t particulary said, it’s obviously what is meant and what he became (again).

        • virox says:

          No it’s not. He died a long time ago, and became something different now. I think you are missing out on the context of the show. He will live forever from now on, do you think he can do that as a human? And what about all his powers? The spell that was activated was the spell that the Hunter Friagne wanted to use in the first season. The one that creates an independent existence.

          • YOuna says:

            It depends on in what way you interpret the word “human”

            All that’s said it that he became, as you said, an independent existence, in other words an existence that is able to sustain itself.

            There are three basic typs of existences (now). Beings humans, Tomogara and the new form of existence, a hybrid (both human and tomogara).

            Since Shahra is a prophet typ of god and didn’t mention a new 4th typ of existence, he is consequently to be considered a human typ of being.

  12. poto says:

    Batch torrent for Shana any time soon?

    Thx for the sub.

  13. synd says:

    Big thanks Commie for your hard work during the whole season!

  14. AMg says:

    Let see now…
    Season 1 ~ Understandable and coherent. Typical ending
    Season 2 ~ OK. I’d sensed a bit of cliffhanger here.
    Season 3 ~ lolwhat?! You just lost me on episode 20 or something. Hard to decipher with all the herpderp going on in the process. Why he ask her earlier?! That will save a lot of herpderp. Damn you, J.C Staff! (At least, your face turn heel make you look pretty badass, Sakai Yuuji)

    Also, did you guys notice the opening scene in Season 3 doesn’t appear in any part of the series?


    • AMg says:

      *he didn’t ask


    • synd says:

      Yep, the opening scene didn’t appear at all :D
      I expected Shana to go up in the sky as a phoenix or something but it didn’t happen

      • AMg says:

        That scene should been taken place after Shana break out from Palace of the Stars. Or in the final hour of the Xanadu creation or something.

        And didn’t you notice all the 4 Earth Gods are Native American Indians?