Shana 3 III

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There was some confusion as to whether the translator needed to stay up to translate this seeing funimation announced they were planning to “simulcast” it.

Well, it didn’t get simulcasted fuck you funi so it was translated when the translator woke up.

Also some people had a problem with the main dialogue font so we changed it to the best font in the universe.

Last Exile 2 streams on monday fuck you funi, again

johnny post hijacking time.
Here’s some funny:

<&RHExcelion> brainchild valerauko keep fuzetsu as fuzetsu
<&Arnavion> Also was it really 6 minutes? Damn
<&Arnavion> I want an SSD
<&jdp> what the fuck is a fuzetsu
<&valerauko> there was just one instance
<&jdp> why would you leave that untranslated
<&valerauko> jdp the time seal
<&Arnavion> That time stop barier
<&jdp> call it a fucking time dilation field goddamn
<&RHExcelion> fine fine
<&valerauko> inb4 Closed Space
<&RHExcelion> we’ll use Time Seal
<&Arnavion> What’s the kanji?
<&Arnavion> vale?
<&valerauko> dunno
<&valerauko> the fuu is fuu from fuuin
<&Arnavion> 封絶
<&valerauko> zetsu, no idea
<&Arnavion> Uh
<&valerauko> doesn’t really matter either
<&Arnavion> Suppression Field? ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
<&Arnavion> Separation Field?
<&Arnavion> I suppose it’s because it separates the spacetime inside from the spacetime outside
<&RHExcelion> Time Field it is
<&Arnavion> All right
<&Arnavion> Take 2
<&Arnavion> Okay
<&Arnavion> No BSOD
<&Arnavion> Dunno what happened last time
<&Arnavion> Page fault in non-paged area my ass
<&RHExcelion> wait
<&RHExcelion> just use fuzetsu
<&Arnavion> Why’s that?
<&RHExcelion> shana wiki just has it as Seal
<&RHExcelion> official localization too common
<&Arnavion> Uh
<&Arnavion> Oh were we using the offical localization?
<&jdp> that’s uh
<&jdp> what’s that word
<&jdp> retarded
<&jdp> yeah that one
<&RHExcelion> they “seal” other things
<&Arnavion> You’re going to have charas running around yelling “Seal!”
<&RHExcelion> yeah
<&RHExcelion> and it’s not really a seal
<&jdp> so they’re sealing this one in time?
<&Arnavion> It is a seal
<&RHExcelion> nahhhhh
<&Arnavion> [13:42] <&Arnavion> I suppose it’s because it separates the spacetime inside from the spacetime outside
<&RHExcelion> seal is like
<&RHExcelion> slap some papers on you and keep you buried in the ground for ten thousand years
<&Arnavion> Wait why am I arguing
<&Arnavion> By all means make it fuzetsu
<&jdp> .kb Arnavion
<&valerauko> lol
<&Arnavion> inb4- dammit
<&jdp> wrong answer, arnavion
<&jdp> zero on the final
<&valerauko> seal! seal! seal!
<&Arnavion> Whale! Dolphin!
<&valerauko> penguin! penguin! penguin!
<&Arnavion> ( `ー´)八(`ー´ ) HI5
<&valerauko> ( `ー´)八(`ー´ ) HI5
<&jdp> seriously leaving it as ‘fuzetsu’ “just ‘cuz” is some seriously retarded shit
<&jdp> brainchild
<&brainchild> i agree
<&jdp> think up some butter for this
<&valerauko> if i’d tl it
<&brainchild> i’d change it to whatever the dub says
<&valerauko> blockade
<&Arnavion> Barrier sounds better
<&Arnavion> Or uhh
<&Arnavion> Partition!
<&Arnavion> w
<&valerauko> you’re too IT
<&valerauko> go read a pagefile
<&Arnavion> Critical Section!
<&Arnavion> Semaphore!
<&jdp> firewall!
<&RHExcelion> Paging File!
<&jdp> master boot record!
<&jdp> (sup rhe how’s that mbr)
<&valerauko> thank you for your contributions
<&Arnavion> This needs to go in the release post


In the end it’s still fucking fuzetsu.I am disappoint.

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