Shana 9

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9 Responses to “Shana 9”

  1. ExplodingLemons says:

    Thanks a bunch

  2. Potsky says:

    Thanks for the release.. :D

  3. M_McCheese says:

    Just looking for an old music link. Stopped coming here 10 bits ago.

  4. Mc86 says:

    Can you please add DXVA support for your releases? Expecially i’m following Guilty Crown and i have noticed that DXVA is disabled under MPC filters. Hope is not a big deal to do this task.
    ps: I’m using VMR-9 (renderless) and native ffdshow filters.

  5. InfluentiaL says:

    Thx for the ep. This is gonna make my day :)

  6. Progeusz says:

    >open at 14:50.

    >turn up the volume

    >switch off the screen

    >listen to episode until 17:30

    >let your imagination go wild


    lol, plot is irrelevant

  7. Lancedark says:

    thank you so much!