Shana III 2

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26 Responses to “Shana III 2”

  1. Anime4ever says:

    More Shana woot! Thanks for all the hard work guys.

  2. Break says:

    thanks as always, guys. many people might go for ss-eclipse’s comeback, but personnaly i think your subs are superior. well, technically i probably wouldve gone for them because they have karaoke andim a fan of that, but im almost 100% sure that they got the lyrics wron, while you got them right. i just wanna sk one thing: will you include karaoke later, or in the batch?

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Neither. We don’t do that any more.

      • Break says:

        may i ask for the reason?

        • johnny_dickpants says:

          Because it’s dumb and unnecessary screen clutter.

          Enjoy the nice visuals the anime producers prepared.

          • XerBlade says:

            Yay. Karaoke has always annoyed the shit out of me for that very reason, among a few other reasons (like, for example, 99% of OPs/EDs and insert songs have absolutely not a fucking thing to do with what’s going on on the screen, but that’s a gripe for another time) ever since I first started watching fansubbed anime ~10 years ago.

          • Break says:

            but well, for that cause you can just turn them off.. well, not gonna tell you what to do its just that i was always a fan of karaokes (as long as they dont block too much of the screen) but well, its your decision after all; though when did you decide to stop making them? with steins;gate and the first half of tiger & bunny, you still did them (though give, in your seins;gate release they were pretty heavy on the eyes due to them flickering all the time..

            • johnny_dickpants says:

              We stopped in the middle of those two, when we kicked out card and I went on a massive autistic butthurt crusade against karaoke.

              • Break says:

                ah, i see. though i dotn see what it sgot to do with autisticness (maybe im just alittle sensitive to that word cuz its misused so much these days and i am autistic myself)
                okay, any chance your gonna get it back once you stop beeign butthurt then?

                • johnny_dickpants says:


                  • Break says:

                    we’ll see^^

                    • johnny_dickpants says:

                      Nothing to see.

                    • Break says:

                      not yet, at least.
                      well, its not like im that keen on having lyrics to sing along; its just tha personnaly i think that the karaoke helped me memorize words better in the past, when you keep seeing the several meanings of often used words (especially kokoro and mune,tooi kioku, as well as mirai, they get used frequently in OP’s and ED’s..), its a good start for memorizing them, if kanji are included also how they look like. why did you start hatign on karaoke#s btw? you used to put so much effort into them, making the colors of the letters fit the visuals of the OP animation and whatever, especially with tiegr and bunny’s first OP…

                    • johnny_dickpants says:

                      Lyrics sites do exist.

                      I’ve always hated karaoke. Like I said before, it’s dumb unnecessary screen clutter.

                    • Break says:

                      hm but what if you dotn have access ot the internet all the time? nah, anyways. but arent the subs themselves the same? nah, its kay. so you alway shated them, but the rest fo the staff did not, right? otherwise you wouldnt have had so elaborate karaokes before.

  3. jolivet says:

    Break speaks as if he/she is fluent in Japanese, with “your subs are superior” and “100% sure they got the lyrics wrong”.

    If you’re that sure about the lyrics, why do you even need to watch with subtitles? Seeing as lyrics are much more difficult to decipher than spoken text, you’re either spouting garbage, or… nope, just spouting garbage.

    • Strych says:

      What part of “fluent enough to tell the difference, not fluent enough to be able to watch it raw and get everything 100%” do you not understand? Or are you seriously THAT fucking stupid that you think that when people learn a foreign language they’re 0% proficient, 0% proficient, 0% proficient, and then suddenly wake up one morning and are 100% proficient?

  4. Smrth says:

    oy, keep up.. u picked a strong rival(eclipse i mean) :P

    • XerBlade says:

      Strong for their popularity more than for their quality. Most of the shows they’ve done there has been at least one group with a superior version out there, but Eclipse has this huge fanbase… which I find kinda interesting because so many people like to hate on them these days when they call themselves gg (lol).

      P.S. Eclipse = BSSubs = gg = Coalguys, just with different project leads pretty much, and sometimes a few different members.. but they all share resources, and I think there’s another I’m forgetting there. Plus, they provide .ts to several other groups on top of that. It seems many don’t realize these things, though.

  5. derp says:

    .ts to other groups > cartel groups derp

  6. defendos says:

    hey guys thanks for the great subs i hope you guys keep on going, im glad you guys are most of the time faster than eclipse he he:D

  7. I was waiting for it since too long :p
    Thank you for you fast release ;)

  8. Caeden says:

    I’ve found your subs to be better than Eclipse. The only thing you guys do that I don’t like is referring to the Guze no Tomogara as Denizens. I know that’s the English translation, but it just doesn’t feel right, IMO.