Shiki 03

Thanks for your patience. Shiki 04 coming soon.

Thanks to Bluz we now also have a XDCC bot called CS|BrosefStalin, still working out the details but come check it out.

Shiki 03

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22 Responses to “Shiki 03”

  1. stAtic says:


    Eagerly awaiting Densetsu 05.

  2. =( says:

    =( was hoping lol heroes would be the first thing you release, to bad i’ve already watched shiki by some other group, bored=(

  3. Stuffup says:

    Waiting on Shiki 4!

    at least LOL Heroes only has “one episode delayed”

    God job guys, keep speed up! and suff

  4. =( says:

    My point really is most people who is following shiki can get it somewhere else while commie is the only good group subbing lol heroes, but since it was backlogged 2 episodes it’s not a surprise it got priority, i’d do the same thing so.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      not so much that it got priority, but that it was the closest to being done

    • zem says:

      You LOLH fans are the most impatient whiny bastards. Give it a rest.

      • johnny_dickpants says:

        hey i want them to hurry up too. i wanna watch it.

        • zem says:

          Well, yes, and I watch it too, but I’m still rather annoyed by the recent flood of comments complaining about it ever since the hour it aired in Japan. Commie must collectively have the patience of a saint.

  5. SsTinN says:

    Thank you so much for releasing shiki 03 =D, I was waiting yours

  6. qefq says:

    “You LOLH fans are the most impatient whiny bastards. Give it a rest.”

    Your whining about others whining, and i don’t really think the staff at commie care if we anticipate a release and make a post here, if they did the comment would be deleted, honestly if you dislike some of the comments by all means don’t read them, your worse than the people you complain about.

  7. Abe says:

    So when does episode 4 of 2FD1B215 come out, I loved episode 3.

  8. AS says:

    Thanks for subs, who else is doing Shiki so I can check them?

  9. Zangetsu11 says:

    Is this upscaled 720p format or plain mkv version?????

  10. recha says:

    Thank u for your hard work~ !! :3

  11. James says:

    Woah!! Thanks guys!!! waiting for episode 4 and The legend of the mothafucking heroe

  12. Basement Dad says:

    naaais. Been waiting patiently for this one. THX.

  13. Anon says:

    1 series and it’s that slow…?

    I was wondering why the BT listing sites refuse to add anything you guys do other then user submitted ones like nyaa torrents or the like..

    But between the “fake almost troll subs” and huge delays, it’s become more then apparent..

    • RHExcelion says:

      …maybe because NT and TT are officially submitted and after those two everything else sucks. Animetake has quite a few of our releases though.

    • RHExcelion says:

      Also, 1 series my ass. More like 4 people doing 10 series.