Shiki/LoLH v2′s



Note: As the season progresses, v2’s will die down. Most of these are for styling/OP/ED which will be copy/paste after episode 1.

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13 Responses to “Shiki/LoLH v2′s”

  1. alex says:

    inafter shiki v2, dohoho.

  2. Person says:

    You guys sure do love v2s.

  3. Qc says:

    lol Commiesubs v2 you have almost v2 every episode of the new season you can do it!.

    P.s v3’s=overrated

  4. Gungrave223 says:

    well still appreciate the hard work

  5. dark_soul_of_wolf says:

    Hi people, just to tell you that the Shiki(raw), ain´t Shiki´s raw… ¬.¬
    It downlaoad´s eureka seven… could you please fixed out!! Ohh… and thanks for you work´s!!

  6. crystal_yuy says:

    The subs goes of track/get delayed compared to the sound after 1:59…

    • Tai says:

      Everything’s fine here. Maybe patching went wrong or smth. Check the CRC.

      • crystal_yuy says:

        I download from the episode torrent file not the patches..
        What is CRC…?

        • Tai says:

          It’s the part in [] brackets before the .mkv
          Google for some random CRC checker.

          • crystal_yuy says:

            oups I previously replied on wrong place…

            is there a particular CRC checker you would recommended?

          • Stove says:

            I use RapidCRC, there’s the option to add a line to context menus which I use.

  7. crystal_yuy says:

    is there a particular CRC checker you would recommended?