Shukufu no Campanella – 03

I said we would be fast. ;)

Script: http://privatepaste.com/download/eb1305090a


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8 Responses to “Shukufu no Campanella – 03”

  1. PLH says:

    Still beaten to a proper release :P

  2. Peace says:

    Thank you for the release :)

    Actually I upload your releases to some forums, the thing is Hotfile showing “this file removed” ! after uploading 3 times, still showing the same.
    this episode MD5 hash is same with some other file that has been deleted in Hotfile.. I guess..

    weird though..

    well thanks for fast release ;)

  3. Bizounours says:

    Bizounours says thanks

  4. EM says:

    Thanks for the fast release. By the way that forecast was the most epic part, but that’s just me.