Shukufuku no Campanella – 02

What is this anyway? WoW the animation?

Patch from FaggotryRaws: http://demo.ovh.org/download/7b2739a55752668bc5e16340f1f9381d/premux-to-rls.xd
Script: http://privatepaste.com/download/ac82968184


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11 Responses to “Shukufuku no Campanella – 02”

  1. ele says:

    No, it’s final fantasy the animation. Literally a turn-based battle.

  2. GSO says:

    Should have kept the giggidy giggidy D: It had impact!

  3. U.N. Owens says:

    What? You guys don’t like every character taking turns attacking? and a rampaging, evil dragon who’s kind enough to sit and wait as the characters talk about what to do next? phew, glad I’m not the only one.

  4. mirkosp says:


    I was expecting this to get used as announcement pic for rather obvious reasons… ☭

  5. jspie says:

    At least it’s better than actually “playing” a jrpg.

  6. SNSD says:

    can you please teach me how to use the patch files? i’m so lazy to download the edited videos and i really want to learn how to use patches. sorry, i’m so noob in this kind of thing! :| i looked for instructions in every possible place in your website – i even checked out you old one – but apparently, i failed to find anything. thanks for your cooperation and sorry to disturb you! :D

    P.S. Go Commie, just keep on subbing these licensed ongoing anime of summer 2010. You are my only hope so please don’t drop them! :(( Thanks for your hard work! :D

    • Stove says:

      Download the patch, extract the rar to the same folder as the video that you want to patch, make sure you didn’t change the name, if it has “_” replace by ” “, doubleclick the bat file. Or read the README.

  7. ffffff says:

    Idk, it’s entertaining as hell for some reason though.

  8. U.N. Owens says:

    Don’t forget, the dragon was eventually defeated by f**king sparkles and glitter, and talk no jutsu. Some dragon, huh.

  9. GSO says:

    U.N. Owens never wrote that. I was trying to say @U.N. Ownes, but put his name in the Name field instead.