Silver Spoon PV


Obviously, we will be doing this show.

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23 Responses to “Silver Spoon PV”

  1. Gin says:


  2. kutaslaci says:

    This won some manga award one or two years ago right? Some city boy goes to the farm or something. Well if its another sol. comedy, i say let it come.

  3. Laxx says:

    Good to know. People, prepare yourself for some agricultural lessons

  4. Gin says:

    moyashimon S.3 tru stry

  5. Psyme says:

    >headless chicken

    The most prudent move is to sub this.

  6. Chris says:

    The voice of Komaba Ichirou is totally wrong. I imagined something different, a more serious, deeper and manly voice.

  7. bbo says:


    A comedy? Where almost all of the main character’s friends lose their property?

    I know I won’t be watching this.


  8. redstar says:


  9. Reso says:

    So… some city hick meets Moyashimon, without all the talking flying blobs???

    Whatever, I’ll bite.

  10. Zan says:

    >Obviously, we will be doing this show.

    Communists don’t take vacations?