So some of you like Drrrr

Sup commies.

I heard you like bakabt drama.
They are choosing a fansub for DRRR now. I think you should join, since you have the same styling as gg/Ecliptic-BSS, song tl and some typesetting.

And maybe that will motivate you to finish DRRR faster ( ´​_ゝ`)

Well, it works both ways. Sure I’ll be motivated if we get chosen, but if we don’t, that would probably demotivate me. Thus by arguing for us and supporting our subs, you could indirectly make me work faster. Call upon your fellow leechers and let your voices be heard! End this reign of oppression and free BakaBT from the iron grip of kristen’s claws of lackadaisical whim and foolish judgment.

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14 Responses to “So some of you like Drrrr”

  1. siaoidiot says:



  2. asshat says:

    dont, it sucks

  3. FB says:

    HAHAHAHA well informed by CoalGuy ur….well read it for ur self I’ll also insert the comment:
    Commie – Think they have the potential to become [gg], but they really go too far with the shit they put in their subs. Releases random episode/do stupid shit to try and “gain” fame/recognition. Led by an immature 16 year old.

  4. faggot says:

    sigh, why is all this drama important anyway?

    just subbing some anime isn’t serious business, jesus fucking christ

  5. Korokun says:

    Personally I don’t care “if” our group gets on any tracker. As long as I’m willing to shell out my money for a server to provide ddl I can give a fuck who downloads my shows or not. I will continue to keep subbing till hell or high water comes. That or 12/12/2012. Heh.

  6. Korokun says:

    On another note, I do like your work, so keep it up.

  7. Packard says:

    They wouldn’t pick shitty troll subs like yours anyway.

    Fuck of, gg part 2.

    Try again next season, and maybe this time try to to half-drop all of your shows.

    • RHExcelion says:

      Nonono there’s a big difference. Whereas gg dropped something that was simulcasted, we pick it up. Also examples of these so called trolls please.

  8. FlashGordon says:

    This is all terrible.

  9. SY says:

    How about you do The House of Five Leaves instead???????????

    Everyone has already finished DRRR!!