Space Bros 43


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7 Responses to “Space Bros 43”

  1. Shawn263241 says:

    It’s like Christmas up in this bitch. Thanks!

  2. BERSERKER says:


  3. Ashitaka says:

    Man, for a minute there, I really believed they were going to kill him off. They went a little shounen unrealistic with how close they cut it, but still a great episode.

    • bbo says:

      they are switching back and forth between hibito and nanba as a main character, doubt they’ll kill any of those two.

    • Strych says:

      Nah, this series doesn’t have the balls to have any severe unhappiness befall any of our beloved protagonists. That much became clear with the loltastic results of this year’s final JAXA examination. (Both the sheer volume of people who passed as well as who those people were and notably who they also were not.)

      There are other space animes (not going to say which ones by name as that’d sort of spoil them) which deal with similar oxygen tank issues to what was seen here in Uchuu Kyoudai, and those series go way darker (either death or survival but with bodily repercussions from prolonged hypoxia) than what we saw here. This was about as McDonald’s Happy Meal happily-ever-after of an ending as you can get with a hypoxic episode on the lunar surface. Sneak peek for next week’s episode makes it sound like Hibito is a-okay both psychologically and physically. “JOIN THE SPACE PROGRAM, JAPANESE KIDDIES! EVEN WHEN YOU ALMOST DIE ON THE MOON, YOUR DAISENPAI WILL SHOW UP TO SAVE YOUR BUTT! ^-^”