Space Brothers 14, Acchi Kocchi 12 END, Mouretsu Pirates 26 END

Space Brothers 14

Acchi Kocchi 12 END

Mouretsu Pirates 26 END

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20 Responses to “Space Brothers 14, Acchi Kocchi 12 END, Mouretsu Pirates 26 END”

  1. kikkoman says:

    Thank you!

  2. Ashitaka says:

    Thanks for working on them all. Hopefully Acchi Kocchi gets a second season at some point…

    • Jukey says:

      Hopefully not. That show was terrible.

    • Are_ says:

      Hopefully not~! <3

    • Xythar says:

      I think everyone working on it has already had enough Acchi Kocchi for one lifetime.

      • Solaristics says:

        How to make fan subbers quit 101: Make a second season of acchi.

      • Dark_Lord says:

        Was it really that bad? I’ve enjoyed the show so far. Looking forward to watching the final episodes. Thank you guys for subbing it.

        • Solaristics says:

          IMO. I think what the subbers hated the most about the show was the amount of signs and shit they had to do :D. I could be wrong though?

      • CODE-A says:

        YOU SAID IT *nod in agreement*

    • Kanoto says:

      I actually enjoyed in a “marshmallow a week” way, mostly watching it after the most stressful class day.
      It’s not an awesome show, but it’s fluffy and mindless enough to relieve stress while not requiring too much emotional involvement like more story-heavy shows.

      that said, thanks for subbing Acchi Kocchi AND Nyarlko. Those two subs helped reduce stress a lot the past few months (they’re like marshmallows: no substance and disgusting when taking too much at a time, yet the occasional pop is addicting)

  3. Shawn263241 says:

    Woot, Space Brahs!

  4. justadood says:

    Pirates kinda looked like they were fishing for another run…that story didn’t really end. Good work persevering through 26 eps!

    • MAQ says:

      It seems there will be a movie and it will be a continuation of the this last episode.

      Also, Thanks for the hard work.

    • TheWonko says:

      There’s going to be a movie. It was announced after the episode. No one knows, though, if it’s just a recap, or if it’s new material.

    • AMg says:

      It gonna be 2nd season for the series in the winter if I am not mistaken.

  5. bbo says:


    …why is it that the show i want to watch first downloads slower than all the other stuff?

    • bbo says:

      where is my bracketed text, asking who else thinks the space pirate ninjas are awesome?

      damn anti-html stuff is just too stupid…

  6. MH MD says:

    Thanks for Space Bros. ,i have one little quistion though…….. WHERE IS HYOUKA?!

  7. macxxx007 says:


    Thanks for Acchi Kocchi! You guys did a fantastic job and can’t wait to see what other projects you do!