Space Brothers 20, Lagrange 18

SB 20

RnL 18

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9 Responses to “Space Brothers 20, Lagrange 18”

  1. bbo says:

    Dont’cha think you’re going a little overboard with the abbreviations now?

  2. macxxx007 says:

    Lol… yet another abbreviation!

    Thanks for the RnL! PLEASE HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!

  3. Shawn263241 says:

    Thanks for the Space Bros, you lazy Commies.

  4. the_polish_jew says:

    still needing an editor for lagrange?

  5. Shizuo says:

    Thank you for the release ^^

  6. gepeyo says:

    Has anyone noticed RnL ep7 is missing???