Space Brothers 27


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  1. redstar says:

    Finally, thanks.

  2. Enamelthyst says:

    Does anyone else think that the new ED song is about masturbation?

  3. Catastrophe says:

    so little busters, code breaker, aikatsu, and sakurasou are officially no-shows?

  4. Strych says:

    With the Showtimes section, it looks like the Episodes column is used to report, for gray status series, the episode Commie is *next* ready to sub. Correct? For example, BTOOOM! shows Episode 2 and so does Magi. But for Space Brothers I see that it says “27/52”. If you manually update, I guess this is an error? But if you have a script update it for you, you might want to check into what happened there since it should be saying 28/52.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      No, the number is what’s aired. I think.

      • Strych says:

        Based on older series’ statuses I would have thought that too! But the thing was that both BTOOOM! and Magi were reporting 2 in the numerator when neither series had even aired its second episode in Japan yet, much less been subbed. So I figured perhaps Commie staff in charge of the Showtimes section had changed how they reported things. Or that if these two series were the ones with the errors then, well, I’d find out here and then they’d need to be corrected instead of Space Brothers.

        BTOOOM! is showing up in the red up top now so I’m not sure what to make of its numerator but Magi, currently still in gray, is still reporting an impossible 2/13 when its second episode won’t even air until this Sunday. So either Magi’s right and Space Brothers should be reading 28 (because the column’s meant to reflect which episode is next to be subbed) or else Space Brothers is right and Magi should be reading 1/13 (because the column’s meant to reflect current subbed-thru status).

    • herkz says:

      Yes, stuff from last season was set up wrong since it was in the middle, not the before stuff started airing.

  5. Shizuo says:

    Another great episode, thanks :)

  6. Solaristics says:

    I’m guessing you guys will be using FUNimation subs for Psycho-pass?

  7. Capeta says:

    Time to update the “Projects” page. just sayin’