Space Brothers 70


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8 Responses to “Space Brothers 70”

  1. Shawn263241 says:


  2. RamenSempai says:

    You guys need to do less projects or some thing… Waiting so long for Symphogear G sucks… And like NOBODY else is subbing it, and I loved your season 1 subs when you fixed them for blu-rays or w.e.

    • Positron says:

      Different people work on different things so that’s not really the issue.

    • Raharu says:

      But this is a good show.

    • Xythar says:

      The Symphogear translator is doing nothing else here this season. He’s just not around, and until it gets translated, nothing else can be done.

    • herkz says:

      i see you are incapable of reading showtimes and using the power of deduction to see the person delaying symphogear is not working on anything else

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      well, except for the part where only two people work on space bros, and neither of them have anything to do with symphogear.