Space Brothers Batch


rip in peace, spess bros ;_;

no changes

also this show is highly recommended

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19 Responses to “Space Brothers Batch”

  1. BassDX says:

    For some reason I stopped watching this after episode 58, even though this series as a whole is very good. Guess I now have an excuse to finally start catching up.

  2. Xi says:

    I am disappoint :(
    Also, R.I.P. stands for Rest in Peace. You just said Rest in Peace in peace, like when people say ATM machine they’re saying Automatic Teller Machine machine lol.

  3. johnny_dickpants says:


  4. Anon says:

    A-At least we have the movie to look forward to r-right g-guys?

  5. PaleBlue says:

    I’m sad they didn’t at least push for just one more episode so it could join the 100 Episode Club.

  6. Monkey D. Fluffy says:

    Tststs, too lazy to fix the five or so mistakes you made over the whole series.

    I can only distinctly remember confusing “Dutch” and “German” at one point, plus one or two instances of doubled words though.

  7. sea says:

    Hibito becomes a commie.

  8. Blackiris says:

    Thanks for subbing this, and thanks for 99 episodes of warm fuzziness. :>

    Hope it doesn’t take too long before we see more TV Space Brothers.

    I also hope someone will translate the movie if CR does not. The OVA/OADs are still untranslated so I’m not entirely confident.

    • herkz says:

      there’s very little chance CR will, and i dont think any of our translators are watching the show, so…

  9. JJoooojv says:

    Season 2 has been confirmed on twitter. Also, thanks for doing this show Commie C:

  10. Genjuu Mugon says:

    I was planning to say this when ep. 100 was released… but thank you for all your efforts each week for Space Bros.
    I had no idea how long this show was going to be, but I was sold from ep. 1 because it made me feel so moon from the get-go.