Space Dandy 01


duplex: aaaaaaaaaaawhat am i doing (includes english audio btw)

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43 Responses to “Space Dandy 01”

  1. Axiom says:

    Hell yeah, Dual-Audio

  2. QT says:

    Before I download this, these aren’t dubtitles right?

    It’s at least a CR edit or something?

  3. NubbyMcNubNub says:

    Man this looks fun. Not really my type of anime but I’ll stick to it for now.
    It looks well suited for English dubs too. Reminds me of some old Nickelodeon shows

  4. rhino says:

    >dat bloat because of dubs

    if i wanted the dub, i wouldve gotten it way before your upload

    please dont bloat your uploads

  5. Cael says:

    It’s here!

  6. jimmy says:

    Grabbing because Funimation subs are cancer.

  7. Zet says:

    Complaining about the dub track? Come on guys, it’s about the immersion. It’s why you watch Cowboy Bebop in English.

  8. Germo says:

    Oh God, I can’t wait for the OST to come out.

  9. a12 says:

    Why do I have to waste bandwidth for a useless amurrika track? Get your shit together.

  10. RaccoonGoon says:

    Dual Audio? Damn, that’s some top-quality piracy right there… To think, I actually watched the TV premiere with the intent of comparing with the fansubs later, but you guys made even that unnecessary.

    Thanks for saving me from the scourge of television.

  11. Emophia says:

    Thanks for including the dub!
    luv ya.

  12. Zan says:

    >Space Dandy is Space Dandy

    I thought you’d’ve changed that line by now.

    BTW, thanks for including the English audio. I kept jumping between the two tracks the whole time to see who had it better. That, and to compare the official dub to Funi’s edited script.

  13. Aka says:

    And apparently Inferno Cop appears, huh.

  14. anon-tan says:

    Haven’t enjoyed an English dub as much as this in years. Hope you guys keep including it.

  15. anon-chan says:

    Fuck Commie, cut that eng dub shit. i don’t want 1Gb episodes.

  16. anon-kun says:

    No eng dubs next time. What the point of being a fansubs group if your going to release eng dubs. And the show airs in American television first.

  17. Nobody says:

    Pyonium/payonium? Given the nature of the show, I’d assume that to be a boob joke (“pai” from “oppai”), and thus be better translated as boobonium or something.

  18. apocalipse369 says:

    thanks so much for dual audio. now I don’t have to choose

  19. Rikki says:

    Appreciate the work guys. Is there any reason it consistently freezes and crashes at the half way mark on my VLC player? Is there some setting I need to amend?

  20. Fillytickler says:

    Thanks for including the dub audio.

  21. AMg says:

    So safe to say you can delete the pre-air episode since it just the first part of the episode 1, eh? Anyway, the action sequences reminds me of Redline; more wackier.

  22. the_paper says:

    Well damn, that was a very worthwhile dub track. Keep it up Commie, this is an excellent release and I’m excited for more like it.

  23. AMg says:

    I think with the English dub, they deliver the intended punchline much better than sub. Unless your Japanese proficiency and understanding is way better anyone, be my guest. YMMV.