Space Dandy 06


duplex_: worst episode

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14 Responses to “Space Dandy 06”

  1. Chinko Drill says:

    in a scale of anything how bad is this episode?

  2. zeondx says:

    compared to episode 5 it might be bad, but this episode is not intolerable. It is just as crazy as the first few episodes. Absolutely love the series so far.

  3. Germo says:

    These insert songs are killing me.

  4. AMg says:

    I think they badly animated QT’s arms which make the quality inconsistent.

    Episode 6 is a subtle political satire between two hardline faction that mirrors what been happen throughout the world; made fun in SPAAAAAACEEE!

    That planetary size kahuna surf reminds me of Eureka Seven episode “Pacific State”.

    Next episode is wacky racer in SPESSS!

    • AMg says:

      Wait… It’s a BONES anime. Never mind.

    • herkz says:

      This episode was literally animated by one guy over the course of 9 months. He also did the directing and storyboarding. (Well, another guy helped animate a little at the end, but yeah.)

  5. Slitrobo says:


  6. Catastrophe says:

    Qt best bot.

  7. The Speedwagon Foundation says:

    Maybe not as good as the 2nd or the 5th but plotwise it has more going for it then the other 3, fuck that song though, could have been a great scene with some crazy music like in the 1st episodes money scene, but just turned into a bitter ending to a decent episode.

  8. Heavyoak says:

    ok… this is first run on [as], then run in japan. toonami has exclusive premiere rights to space dandy.

    so, why are you guys subbing something that first runs in english?

  9. @Heavyoak, this is an Anime, it’s originality lays with the Japanese, if nigeria dubbed episodes of boko no pico and released them before Japanese could release original, there’d still be a point to release them.

    ps:Hi! long time no see :D i’m back from Antarctica!