Space Dandy 09

If you liked this episode, go watch Kaiba. Or anything by Yuasa. You should watch it even if you didn’t like this episode.

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27 Responses to “Space Dandy 09”

  1. Luci says:

    Big up on the Kaiba reference. Now I’m really looking forward to watching it.

  2. the_paper says:

    Every day a Dandy.

  3. Scrill says:

    You dare mention the masterpiece Kaiba next to Space Dandy?

    Okay, maybe I’ll check out this dandy in space… Or it doesn’t work that way?

  4. fesgsegsehefj says:

    i couldn’t sit through kaiba
    am i 2pleb or something

  5. Emophia says:

    damn 3 cheers 4 speed

  6. AMg says:

    The episode is pretty damn trippy minus the art guys who worked on Tatami Galaxy and Paprika.

    Betelgusian harnessing the power of trapar?

  7. bbo says:

    I want some of the plants they smoked for this.

  8. rhino says:

    god, that episode was horrible

    tried to be an experimental film and failed miserably

  9. Talic says:

    This episode was brought to you by drugs. Lots of drugs.

  10. Specs says:

    Ah, Kaiba, I was wondering why I felt I had watched this episode before somewhere…

  11. Derpmechs says:

    did someone die or something? 10 like a week late and there’s no notice up?

  12. melon says:

    I have a question about playback.

    By default I’m getting jpn audio and signs only subs. I wish I could get jpn audio and normal eng subs instead. I thought I had the correct code on the LAV Splittler for it:
    (jpn:jpn;jpn:eng|!d;jpn:eng). (copied this from somewhere/have little idea of what it does exactly)

    If I just put eng instead, it works for this release but not for others.