Space Pirates 14

v2 Torrent | patch
Fixes general incompetency.

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18 Responses to “Space Pirates 14”

  1. Alexy says:

    Great job!!

  2. Godcore says:

    Is it just me, or is the subtitle timing out of whack?

  3. AMg says:

    Is it me or the timing for sub is off?

  4. Goh says:

    Seriously Commie?
    You release this garbage and meanwhile Ginga e Kickoff is completely ignored by every group. Explain this shit please

    • BAKA-SAN? says:

      Yeah, that’s absoluty right. Ginga e Kickoff needs more love. So consider it, please.

  5. Goh says:

    Garbage as in Upotte.
    Dont get your jimmies all rustled piratefags

  6. Black_Raven says:

    Your patch is not working properly. The output file’s CRC is 5C04FB45.

  7. alzamer2 says:

    it worked with me with code:
    xdelta3.exe -d -s “[Commie] Mouretsu Pirates – 14 [143B07D6].mkv” pirates14v2v2.xdelta “[Commie] Mouretsu Pirates – 14v2 [CEA344A1].mkv”

    • AMg says:

      You can exclude the “[Commie] Mouretsu Pirates – 14v2 [CEA344A1].mkv” string although it will display a warning. You have to double check with the v2 torrent CRC though.

    • ruffy says:

      why did it gives me like this?
      xdelta3: not VCDIFF input: XD3_invalid_input

      I didn’t try to exclude the -ds option though.

  8. Narayan says:

    uhmmm… how do i use the xdelta patch?
    i’ve only done it the easy way using the .bat file.

    • Narayan says:

      oh wait scratch that. i forgot how to make/edit a .bat file.
      following alzamer2’s suggestion now.