Spring 2011


This is the official list of what we’re doing.

Tiger & Bunny
Hanasaku Iroha
Maria†Holic: Alive
The World God Only Knows S2
Astarotte no Omocha!
Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko
Deadman Wonderland

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112 Responses to “Spring 2011”

  1. Koka says:

    O u.

  2. anom says:

    i hope it’t joke…

  3. Maku says:


  4. m1el says:

    This is not xored, shifted aes-128, aes-256 or des cipher with 3 letter password.
    RHE, are you kidding ppl? :|
    At least you could have used common cipher.

  5. Ashandorath says:


  6. macxxx007 says:


  7. ... says:

    so…whatever happened to the recruitment results?

  8. hurr says:

    that doesn’t look like a simple base64. wtf is this binary shit?

  9. Positron says:

    i broke

  10. Anon says:


    Because oversubbing is the best subbing

  11. Fag It says:

    Steins;Gate where?

  12. anon-niisama says:

    Are you guys still going to be doing episode 12 of Zombie?

  13. Gaku says:

    You’ve forgot about Iroha! Or does Daiz work on it on his own (yeah, like that’s even possible)?

  14. Suzuku says:

    Now that CR has Steins;Gate will you pick that up?

  15. degesu says:


  16. snowblossom says:

    Crunchyroll managed to fuck up the audio on the 1st ep of Steins;Gate. Warmly waiting for Commie’s superior release now.

  17. Neil says:

    any chance of finishing Nuraiayan no Mago soon?

    • Fera says:

      Nura will be finished in a short period. It’s been held up because the scripts with TS disappeared somehow, and we had to deal with some magical resurrection to get them back.

  18. faggotry says:

    Only the communist power of the motherland can give Steins;Gate the treatment it deserves by birthright.

  19. Tyciol says:

    Can you guys and Weapon+ become friends and work together so I don’t need to choose? =(

  20. azza says:

    Are you guys going to do TWGOK S2?

  21. Norenche says:

    I REALLY hope that you save Steins;Gate. CR just f*cked all non-english fansubs and doomed us to using Horriblesubs.

  22. Samdidliambo says:

    What would you think of doing Steins;Gate? UTW-Mazui (2 of the best groups out there) have just recently dropped it because the CR translator is on par with theirs. The encoding, however, is not quite as good on the CR/horriblesubs version, and worst of all, the sound has a static hiss in the background that’s hard to ignore.

    I realize you may be busy with other shows, but considering the way you deliver anime, might I suggest this is the perfect solution for one of the best shows out this season?

  23. F CR says:

    Please Commie do Steins;Gate i REALLY don’t wanna watch that crap version from CrunchyRoll i atleast hope you will consider this.

  24. DmonHiro says:

    Can’t you just get the .ass from Horrible Subs and use them on a raw? Or download the ALREADY muxed version? Are you people just THAT lazy? You don’t HAVE to watch HR. there is an alternative.

  25. Hello says:

    Please pick Shouwa Monogatari, Danball Senki, Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream or Sofuteni up.

  26. AceD says:

    I want to join the bandwagon; do Steins;Gate

    much love.

  27. fenris950 says:

    CR is the devil. Please Sub Steins;Gate!

  28. trollmuch? says:

    Why you trolling commie? umad like a donkey rapist?

  29. Anonymous says:

    UTW-Mazui had dropped Steins;Gate. So could you please sub this show. I thought this is in your original plan back then.

  30. Bossun says:

    Yo guys, please pick SKET DANCE as your current project

  31. Kanzaki says:

    @Bossun : Yeah do it guys. CR is just a piece of shit.

  32. X-treme says:

    Please add SKET DANCE as your current project.CR smells like shit.

  33. ar says:

    Sket Dance is a terrible show.

  34. thanks says:

    Thanks for this. UTW said CR was excellent. What the fuck are they smoking?

  35. anonymous says:

    Zombie wa doko desu ka?

    (I’m sorry to be whining. Really. Shame on me!)

  36. KKRais says:

    Are people still whining about UTW/Mazui?

  37. herp says:

    yo, I heard you were working on maria holic blurays. is it got Daized or something?

  38. Jiggling Jiggles says:

    May I know who’s staffing what? I am extremely curious.

  39. mami says:

    ok, when will x-men 2 come out? the raw is out already

  40. Hello says:

    Showa Monogatari

  41. Trollhand says:

    TWGOK s2 ep 1 is out. Good luck figuring out the OP text. I understood like 5% of it… Parallel singing…

  42. Cyclops says:

    THANK YOU FOR SUBBING XMEN!! Best shit in Anime right now!!!

  43. Evangeline says:

    the world god only know 2

  44. ikhwana says:

    Any plan subbing lotte no omocha??
    cant find any other sub doing this show (except horrible)

  45. AceD says:

    Loli’s drinking sperm? who wouldn’t want to do it.

  46. anon-niisama says:

    I really thought every big group would be jumping all over Omocha, seeing how hyped it’s been. I vote Commie to do it. Also TWGOK 2, apparently this season is going to be better than the first.

  47. kheminw says:

    Please sub TWGOK2 since horriblesubs is horrible as it says.

  48. anony says:

    There was an update that ‘Nurarihyon no Mago’ was done?

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      The typesetter has to redo an episode otherwise they’re pretty much done afaik.

  49. Denpako says:

    Looks like Daiz is at it again. http://forums.bakabt.com/index.php?topic=29682.0

  50. Zandouf says:

    >coming soon

    >coming soon

    Deadman Wonderland
    Ai no Exorcist

    I win!!