Spring Plans

The best part about announcing things so early is that by the time they actually air everyone’ll have forgotten we even announced them.

(Highly relevant.)

Fate/Zero Part 2
Accel World
Medaka Box
Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

Maybe more.


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36 Responses to “Spring Plans”

  1. Break says:

    accelword and sankarea fuck yeah. im gonna go with UTW’s release for fate/zero and im not 100% sure how good medaka box is, but anyways all 4 are really nice.

  2. Zero says:

    Shit that’s every show I was planning on watching you psychic bastards. BTW what happened to the awesome GIFS and oversized post pics?

  3. Sankarea says:

    OMG!!! YAY!!! This is why i love Commie subs, they pick only the best ones to sub :D
    I can’t wait to watch Sankarea the Manga is uber funny/cool :)

  4. Israfel says:


  5. Adulthood says:

    > The best part about announcing things so early is that by the time they actually air everyone’ll have forgotten we even announced them.


  6. CODE-A says:

    medaka boobs?? HELL YEAH

  7. Ignee says:

    Dang was hoping you guys would do tasogare otome x amnesia. Can’ t wait for Sankarea and Fate/Zero

  8. Vash says:

    Hope you guys do Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean (Eureka Seven Ao) too!


  9. scizzer12 says:

    >Nobody’s gonna do ZnT.

    >Will die of want.

  10. White Shadow says:

    Can’t wait for Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. Finished reading all manga chapters to date and still waiting for newer ones to appear.
    And of course Fate/Zero.

  11. trololololo says:

    That’s some shit tier show you pick, then again, beside Nise most show that season is shit.

  12. ma says:

    Uchuu Kyoudai will be anime of the year and you’re not going to sub it.
    But you’ll sub it when you watch the first episode! like the way you did Chihayafuru .

  13. IZEROII says:

    Sounds good guys. Looking forward to it. Tasogare Otome x Amnesia should be a highlight.

  14. David says:

    Sankarea and Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, omgwtfbbq@@ :DDDD

  15. ConfusedPerv says:

    medaka box is in the list.
    good luck,commie.

  16. erejnion says:

    >Medaka Box

    >Tasogare Otome x Amnesia


    fuck yeah, that’s about all I want.

    Point is…


    >(Mouretsu Pirates)

    >(Milky Holmes)

    >(ZnT S4)

    Is he going to do all three? Or… at least Pirates and ZnT? Because I really want you guys to do the pirates and ZnT…

  17. Almond says:

    You guys arent doing Kore wa Zombie desu ka??? A bit sad. Was hoping you guys would pick up the second season.

  18. Rudo says:

    Why you no do Train Hero

  19. Arisato-kun says:

    These are just new seasons of shows right? You’ll still be doing shows such as Guilty Crown?

    Speaking of which, didn’t the hour long episode air? Are you guys going to be subbing that? I think it aired a few days ago.

    • Break says:

      they said they arent doing it because its just a recap.

      • Arisato-kun says:

        Recap episodes can still be cool. There might be bits with the characters talking about what they went through, or little hints of things to come…

        Or is it just scenes from the first 11 eps mashed into 1 hour?

        • Break says:

          i didnt watch it bt i think its just a regular recap= scenes from the other 11 episodes mashed into oen hour with soem narratng. honetsly if its a recap you can just watch it without subs or put them on yourself from the earlier release, you already know what they say after all.

  20. Exkalamity says:

    That’s a god-tier spring plan.

  21. ricz says:

    aw no eureka seven ao?

  22. Zash says:

    Will Commie work on BRAVE 10 this Winter Season?

  23. nekdolan says:

    Medaka Box (the manga) is boring. I mean really booring and it gets pointlessly crazy later on.
    The art is cool though…

    • MadStrategist says:

      I actually find it highly entertaining. Lol. Nisio Isin is a good writer, though I do think the recent arc is getting a bit out there in a negative way…

  24. anon-niisama says:

    I wouldn’t dislike it if you did ZnT F….

  25. GM_Rusaku says:

    If you’re doing Accel World please do also Sword Art Online as both as awsome story.