State of the Union 2013

Wrapping up 2012:

Hayate no Gotoku! ~CTMEOOU~ 11

Hayate no Gotoku! ~CTMEOOU~ 12 END

K 13 END

To-Love ru: Darkness 10

To-Love ru: Darkness 11

To-Love ru: Darkness 12 END

Sword Art Online Blu-ray Volume 2
1080p | 720p
Includes the second “Sword Art Offline” special. There are two tracks, the second has typesetting that won’t lag on lower-end computers.

Sankarea OVA 1 (Episode 0)

Kicking off 2013:

We’re opening two new sections of the site, Game Reviews and Light Novels.

To practice their grammar and ranting skills, several staff have written comprehensive reviews on games they’ve played. There are reviews for these games so far:

DJMax Technika Tune
Persona 4 Golden
Ys: The Oath in Felghana
Zone of the Enders: HD Collection

More to come soon.

Here’s Fate/Apocrypha‘s prologue:

Up to Chapter 1 has been translated.

If someone wants to make ePub/mobi versions, or recommend software to do so (we could also use a better PDF maker), we can release in those formats as well.


Nekomonogatari Black 1

We decided to split this into 4x 30 minute sections so they can be watched as they’re completed.

Status Updates:

Planned – Accel World, C³, Guilty Crown, Horizon, K, Kokoro Connect, Tiger&Bunny, Total Eclipse, To-Love ru: Darkness

A BDMV was finally found. Script is about half done. To avoid such lengthy delays in the future, donate past the donation goal. The extra money will go into buying our own BDs, which will ensure they’re subbed in a more timely manner.

Kokoro Connect:
Work in progress. They were going to be done today but the typesetter had issues to deal with.

Just past 20% translated.

All of them.

Fucking where?


Next Season:
We’ll be doing over half the season, as usual.

They’ll all be done in due time. This includes Sankarea, Inuboku, TWGOK, Lagrange, and probably a few others.

From all of us at Commie, have a great New Year.

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  1. Eren Yega says:

    Romaji OP & ED

  2. SoulScythe says:

    i can make the epub/mobi versions, just let me know where to send em

  3. Nanako says:

    Are you going to do the Tiger & Bunny movie?

  4. Nanako says:


  5. anonman says:

    why the heck did you said “Lastly,” “Nekomonogatari Black 1”
    fuck!, it should be top priority above all of the other shit around here >=(

  6. Juular says:

    mariya pls

  7. Ranma says:

    waiting for SAO BD 3 :D

  8. Ranma says:

    WHY >___<

  9. ranmachua says:

    Are you guys still doing Sword Art Offline?

  10. Noname says:

    Can you guys do Guilty Crown’s BD?