Steins;Gate 15

51 etaG;snietS

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R-15 is dropped (but you already knew that, didn’t you?).
We’re doing something else instead that may or may not have relevance to a certain site theme.

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36 Responses to “Steins;Gate 15”

  1. airconditioning says:


  2. Annonymous says:

    Hi10p when?

  3. Annonymous says:

    How about Appleseed?

  4. toofrail says:

    >We’re doing something

    Thats some news, gotta find my pills.

  5. anonymous says:

    The last episode of Nura?

  6. Nettosama says:

    Maria + hi10p = win

  7. Fag It says:

    Wish you guys would pick up Kamisama no Memochou. Not that UTW’s subs are bad, it’s just…

    Anyhow, woot for S;G 15

  8. niggers says:

    or how about kamisama dolls

    the only options right now are chihiro and doki

  9. foxy says:

    I demand v2 XD to ride out of the green line on the right side. And to guarantee that you are the kings of v2-v3. XD

  10. miraimiru says:

    Sooo, Fatty is future ninja’s dad?

  11. foxy says:

    My bad codec problems. XD

  12. toysaucer says:


    • randomfag says:


      Jesus christ people how many times do I have to say we’re not switching over until both a stable CCCP and CoreAVC release that supports 10bit are released.

  13. M00Tnotreally says:

    Thanks for the release.

  14. btw says:

    R-15 was fine, wasnt it?

  15. macxxx007 says:

    Thanks for the release and the hint! HAVE A GOOD DAY!

  16. evoL says:

    Thank you very much!

  17. DSPkun says:

    So you MIGHT be transferring your workforce from R-15 to Maria? Goodness gracious.

  18. Samdidliambo says:

    They’re trying to trick you into thinking it’s maria (fucking where). If you check the theme selector at the bottom right, you’ll see one of the options is a Nura theme – which unless I’m sorely mistaken, is starting a second season?

  19. Noko says:

    6990s on newegg fuckin where.

  20. Geisha says:

    I think you guise should do East of Eden Paradise Lost. but thats just like, my opinion, man.

  21. Shawn263241 says:

    So, will it be Nura?

  22. Dragon_Megatron says:

    So you guys are subbing the new Angel Beats! educational Anime “TK teaches English – Get Chance and Luck in Study” Excellent. I’ve been waiting for someone to man up and announce this.

  23. monkeyhat says:

    Bug report:

    This was released at 1276×720, rather than 1280×720.

    It broke my ps3 media server transcode setup, so I thought I’d let you know.

    If anybody else has a problem with files like this and is using CCCP or ffdshow to decode, an easy fix is to enable ‘expand to next multiple of 16’ in ‘resize & aspect’ of ffdshow video config.