Strike Witches 2 (2)


Also check out this chart:

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28 Responses to “Strike Witches 2 (2)”

  1. TheGreatGazoo says:

    you need more shows

  2. wow says:

    the world domination? xD

  3. Blubbr says:

    Before picking up more shows you should finish Five leaves ;_;

  4. NotQuiteAnonymous says:

    You guys are turning into the second coming of gg.

    • Zangetzoo says:

      Yeah, the only difference being gg actually translates all of their shows. ┐(゜~゜)┌

  5. viral says:

    You should do the Moyashimon dorama too. I have eyecancer from the FUNi rips.

  6. billeke says:

    you’re doing a lot of shows and for that, we are grateful!

  7. Kashim says:

    u should just make everything this season.

  8. forge says:

    what happened to Durarara T_T

  9. faggotBtS says:

    11 is a nice no. And more than u can handle.

  10. Thyme says:

    FUNi Owned ~

    If you finish all the show +2

  11. b3hind4ll says:

    H3ll YEAH!?!?!!!! Taking over this season by storm. Awesome. Good luck.

  12. Glordit says:


    Commie – You can’t spell Over subbed without us!

    ;) Keep up the lewt work. Looking forward to future releases.

  13. shampoo says:

    You’re all beautiful

  14. kache says:

    Thank you.
    I was getting tired of crunchy/funi-rips. :(

  15. fdfdsfdsfds says:

    Finish 5 leaves you fuckers!

  16. Ron says:

    WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YAL PETTIFOGGERS!!!!!!!!! Come on now you pick 11 new shows that you “SO CALLED” show your stamp on. AND YOU STILL HAVE 2 YES 2 SEASONS OF BACK SHOWS YOU STILL HAVEN’T FINISH. You MORONIC LITTLE NINO’s FINISH WHAT YOU START FIRST, instead of taking on more shows that you will never finish. Just like a MONORIC NINO you take something on (which means your word is your bond) but you never finish. If this is how yal are going to be then everything I have from yal I will delete. I will also make sure all my friends and others don’t go come to you for releases.

  17. SvenVolfeid says:

    Lmao @ ron and his pointless rant

    also, is there any chance your going to be subbing black lagoon roberta’s blood trail at any point?

    • RHExcelion says:

      Probably not although if you begged us on IRC repeatedly every day we probably would.

  18. Bizounours says:

    This looks like some world domination plan. Interesting.

  19. el_d00d says:

    Yea keep “subbing” many shows. v2 here, v3 there. Sucks. Did you actually think you’re getting famous by “subbing” many shows?

    Wait what? do you actually sub these?

    [01:25] Someone pastebin me Coalguy’s HSOTD ED translation