Release Clusterfuck

Shiki 04
Legend of the Legendary Heroes 05
Basara 04
Nurarihyon no Mago 05
Asobi ni Ikuyo! 04
Occult 05
Legend of the Legendary Heroes 06

Campanella slighty delayed due to v2 and encode problems

in other news: Campanella 4-6, Nuramago 5, Asobi 4, LOLH 6, Kuro 6, Occult 5, Shiki 5  :eventually:

EDIT: links fixed, thanks for the heads up RJ.

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87 Responses to “Release Clusterfuck”

  1. Dano says:

    Fuckin’ links where?

  2. Jo says:


  3. Fag It says:

    I completely fell for that. Nice one.

  4. Dano says:

    Thanks! :3

  5. dyd says:

    real beginning of the op > 眠り解きあぐねて

  6. James says:

    Thanks guys!!

  7. Errr says:

    is anybody actually seeding this? my dl speed is horribly slow.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I love you guys. Now you’re seriously my favorite fansubbers, even with the death of your leader. Workers of the world, unite!

  9. anon says:

    thank god for LOTLH

  10. stan says:

    It isn’t that big of a deal, but in Shiki 4 there is a typo when Sunako and Muroi are talking. Sunako’s name is written as Sumiko during one part of the dialog. Again, not a big deal, just pointing it out.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      yeah i saw that while i was watching. ain’t worth v2ing.

      • Tai says:

        Nonononononononono, this needs to be v2’ed.

        ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

  11. Zaton says:


  12. recha says:

    yay shiki 4! Thanks ! :D

  13. Tai says:

    Nonononononononono, this needs to be v2’ed.

    ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

  14. Lol says:

    Man lolheroes is fucking brutal, so much more death than i was expecting, which isn’t a bad thing.

  15. Zangetsu11 says:

    Arigatou gozaimasta

  16. Lol says:

    Japanese words without japanese letters is fail

  17. Calrith says:

    Much appreciated. Cheers.

  18. Caz says:

    Asobi 4 soon as well, Comrades?

  19. LA says:

    I’m a triple nigger that’s mad because I got banned for being a faggot.

  20. Alyssia says:

    Stuff is out. Awesome post title.

  21. Zangetsu11 says:

    [email protected] that’s your opinion

  22. Erm says:

    It’s arigatou gozaimashita or ありがとうございました.

  23. RaVeN says:

    <3 LOLH

  24. ckx says:

    Thanks a lot for denyuden, basara 2, and nuramago.

  25. newfag says:

    COMMIE がおそいですよ。

  26. Mute says:

    To bad the majority of commie most likely can’t read japanese=, though if you can read japanese you shouldn’t need to wait.

  27. newfag says:

    It’s more convenient this way

  28. Fuu Yuu says:

    These are not the subs I was waiting for.

  29. Mute says:

    Is it just me or is commie one of the quickest subbers that constantly give quality work?

  30. RJ says:

    I really think you need to check Basara and Nura links again.
    Both of them link to the same page.

  31. annon says:

    camping out for thems , LOLH 6

  32. reaper_unique says:

    can you guys prioritize LOLH 6 please? It’s in need of some love from subbers and I want ma ferris!

  33. Fuu Yuu says:

    Nurarihyon no Mago 05

    These are the subs I was waiting for.

    Yes atheon it is me.

  34. Mute. says:

    Man, just watched shiki 05, it’s so slow paced, not really my king of anime so i’m dropping it, has lolheroes 06 raw been released yet?

  35. Linkerman says:

    What about “Occult Academy”?
    Are you guys going to stick with it?

    Because your work is really high quality, and i like the series, so i don’t want to go to supermegaHorriblesubs…

  36. Fuu Yuu says:

    I am depending on Commie for Shiki, Nurarihyon no Mago and Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin because quality does count.

  37. cCchelkercCc says:

    where is my LoL 06?!!!

  38. lcleong says:

    LoLH 06 faster please… ^^

  39. Mute. says:

    I’d like LOLH 6 faster than the others but thats just because i’ve already watched the others, i don’t actually expect them to focus on one anime because others aren’t subbing it already.

  40. Person says:

    LOLH should be prioritized since you’re like the only group that does it (besides Derp).

  41. anon says:

    LOLH is godtier.

  42. Mute. says:

    Meh, aslong as it gets released it’s all good.

  43. Brett says:

    So about that batch of House of Five Leaves……. still soon?

  44. Y10NRDY says:

    Thanks guys!

  45. -- says:

    Shiki 05 where?

  46. Campanella says:

    Impatiently waiting for Shukufucku here…

  47. siaoidiot says:

    Shukufuku = meh tier at best, shit tier at worst

  48. Basement Dad says:

    WTF is Hammerspawn. I can’t find this word in any dictionary or google. Did you just string words together (Eureka s04e05 anyone? XD). It I guess it is a snake looks like (…searching .. some kind of spitting cobra or sth.

  49. Derp. says:

    WTB LOLheroes 06=(

  50. Derp. says:

    I think yoi have to many projects, releasing them slowly because of that.