Summer Storm! 2 ~Open for Business~

aka Natsu no Arashi! 2 ~Akinaichuu~

Thanks to koda for the title localisation.

Basically Shinji died again, but the encoder left me with his filter chain and encoding settings, so like what I did with Shangri-La, I will be doing releases similar to Shinji, but even better since I have their filter chain. :D

For those unfamiliar with [Shinji], basically it’s high quality encodes from transport streams muxed with CrunchyRoll subtitles, but due to the quality of this season’s subtitles compared to last, I’m going to be doing some additional editing and timing fixes.

Episode 02

CrunchyRoll has declined quite a bit since last season, and I would consider myself having done a pretty good job of fixing it up, but the preview subs are completely missing (which most people wouldn’t care about, since it’s not really a preview as such) , so if anyone would like to translate them, please let me know on IRC.

I have also left CrunchyRoll’s timing style, which sometimes occurs like so:

– Stuff person 1 says
– Stuff person 2 says

which I think doesn’t impede readability at all, and if anything, improves it on short lines.

And also, I localised translated Janken as Rock, paper, scissors and all the mahjong terminology because I can.

Off Topic: I have no idea when the word localise replaced translate anyway…

tl;dr: I’m doing this because I suspect SFW will revert to upscales/Deen/WarpSharp and this show deserves proper encoding.

Oh, I forgot, CRCs are obselete nowadays with such reliable internet connections and .torrent files can be used for verification anyway, but in case anyone needs it, the CRC for episode 02 is E71E0E6.

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6 Responses to “Summer Storm! 2 ~Open for Business~”

  1. muh says:

    …except verification right after download is only one of several uses a crc32 in the filename can have.

    it’s also pretty convenient for finding torrents for specific files, for finding a file on irc, and maybe some people don’t intend to acquire and keep .torrent files for everything they download.

    • eurekaland says:

      Don’t tell me you’re looking for files by their CRC rather than actual memorable names.

      • cryptw says:

        I suppose it works well when groups don’t name their releases properly.
        If you search “open for business xx” where xx is the episode number, you’re sure to find our releases.

        Regarding the timing, I left in the form CrunchyRoll did it, but sometimes they didn’t line break properly, and I fixed that, but I suppose I could split it back up into the more common “one line to a line” style timing.

  2. Bort says:

    Oh god, Crunchyrolls timing sucks so much. (I mean the issue you pointed out, which showing several character’s lines at the same time.) Sometimes, there are three lines crammed into the same frame. Official subs also do that sometimes, but only when people speak at the same time. Crunchyroll… makes you think they don’t have a timer. I tried to watch HorribleSubs, but it’s just to bad. Truly horrible. Well, that means I’ll follow your releases.

    And yeah, although CRCs make really bad hashes, they’re still useful for file identification for searching stuff. Also, some retarded groups don’t label their v2s, which makes you glad they still use CRCs.

  3. RaVeN says:

    Actually, CRC’s ARE pretty useful.. I usually download from megaupload, and i get heaps of files at the same time. So all i have to do is chuck them into rapidcrc, and voila – i get instant results.

    So yeh, IMO its more useful to put the CRC into the name instead of “Summer Storm! 2 ~Open for Business~”. I mean im sure everyone already thinks of the show as natsu no arashi S2 anyway.

  4. cryptw says:

    Well those MegaUpload uploaders will probably add the CRC anyway.