Superhero Power Hour

Tiger & Bunny – 02
Torrent | DDL

Now featuring 50% improved karaoke!
And 200% more italics!

X-Men – 02V2
Torrent | DDL
Torrent | DDL

V2 patch
Crisis over, V2 is out.

Now with 100% less fail!

Quick note about X-Men:
X-MEN DOES NOT AIRs IN 7201080i, BUT IS ANIMATED IN 480p. ANY 720p VERSION IS (technically) AN UPSCALE (because the lineart is 480p).

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30 Responses to “Superhero Power Hour”

  1. Niku says:

    Tiger & Bunny is the most exciting thing so far.

  2. Yuu says:

    Zombie 12 when?

    Also, thanks for these.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Zombie 12, honestly, I don’t know. Daiz says he’ll do it and then vanishes.

  3. lol says:

    The worst mistake you can make as fansubbers — not including the script.

  4. Puff-kun says:


    ^Look dere leechers.


    ^So wut? Might as well just dl Weapon+ anyways because your shit is aids as fuck.

    >straight lines all fucked up, artifacts all over when blown up on decent res monitors, the list goes on…

    I’m using MADVR for rendering with spline chroma+luma up, and lanczos for luma down. Also using de-banding shit built into ffdshow @ 1.15 thresh. Comparison looks much worse with default cccp or k-lite settings but it can’t be helped, etc.

    wut do?

  5. Darkom says:

    No offens but subs r borked, waiting for replacement bc im using ur subs for the webside im admin on ^^

  6. Darkom says:

    oops i didnt see the hugure letters ontop of the page ^^

  7. Darkom says:

    i mean huge to ^^

  8. AzraelNewtype says:

    Everything on Animax airs 1080p, both Weapon+’s 720p version and your 480p version are downscales of that.

    What you meant to say was that it was animated at 480p, and is upscaled by the broadcaster, but that would involve knowing what you’re talking about.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Yeah I’m not an encoder. ( ¯‿¯)

    • Puff-kun says:

      Explanation that should be ‘more correct’:

      No cartoons air in 1080p in japan iirc. It airs in 1080i. Somewhere in-between airing and processing there’s this jewish shit called ‘station upscale’ or something to that degree. That results in shit being half hd, or sd field up to 1080i and such. 1080i is slightly worse than 720p… So the content you get after inverse telecine is close enuf to 720p if it wasn’t a field up (or w/e).

      >Doesn’t know how to screenshot.

      ^If that was directed at me, I purposely screen-shotted them windowed to show source and such. It scales the same way in a window than full-screened anyway.

      The whole point here is wut do about your release. I’d like to dl em but it’s eyecancer and stuff.

      Also how are you able to determine source resolution without a transport stream? You’re using the same share raw that weapon+ uses and such D:.

  9. anon123 says:

    ah it’s too late, i already download weapon+ subs, what are you doing a few hour ago?

  10. Darkom says:

    sorry for bothering again but im getting “this is not a valid substation alpha file message”, and yes trying to put the subs onto the file …..

  11. Darkom says:

    i see u released a second one “note to self, read the entire page before posting a comment”


  12. cardslash02 says:

    More like,
    I wake up late b/c i’m tired. Oops.
    I start work on X-men, Halfway thru Tiger & Bunny starts getting worked on. I’m like OH SHIT THIS’LL BE RELASED SOON GOTTA FIX UP THAT KARA. I abandon X-men and finish that. This takes a few hours.

    I go back to work on X-men. It’s done. Our editor takes more than two hours to look at it while I twiddle my thumbs.

    Ok now its ready to release! But hey, our muxer and lead encoder isnt around. Where could he be? Wait another two hours or so.

    Hey, hes’ back! Time to release, finally!

    Twenty minutes later, realize he forgot to put the script in.

    Headdesk several times, feel like my day was worthless and and I failed at life.

    Such is the life of a fansubber.

  13. Alexeon says:

    Its cool you guys are working on the new season’s shows and stuff but where is Zombie 12? Its been a while but its not up yet.

  14. Kaionlriu says:

    damn wow
    fucking awesome OP you guys got here
    my regards to whoever did it

  15. Kabayongtao says:

    ‘X-MAN’ and ‘Jeanie’.

    Is it really translated that way?

  16. galerian_ash says:

    Yay, T&B! Thank you for getting it out so fast (and for doing such a good job on it)! ILU~

  17. PhillipDSX says:

    Thanks for the Epic Animal Show~! Will be hanging around next week for Ep. 03

    Now I’ll patiently wait for Nichijou! Your version is really good and the op. makes sense, unlike another fansubs’ out there ¬¬

  18. Shuffleblade says:

    Tiger & Bunny 2 was awesome, I really like this show thanks a lot =D

  19. euh ! C'est quoi ça ? says:

    zombie12 ?

  20. euh ! C'est quoi ça ? says:

    zombie12 ?