Swagi 09


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16 Responses to “Swagi 09”

  1. Kchiyo says:

    Yolo !

  2. Swaghater says:

    I hope you guys get bored of swag real soon, it is highly depressing that you have just recently chosen to champion a meme that has be perpetrated by 14 year olds for the past 6 months (at least in the UK, I’m pretty sure it originated in the US a long time before that).

  3. walker says:

    Swagmie Subs | Swag you from anything

  4. YOKO says:

    did you guys drop swag luv alternative or something? cause ep 21 & 22 already out

  5. Powerswag-kun says:

    I approve of all the swag. ETA on SwagSubs theme?

  6. kai says:

    so id like to know what is the black sun’s definition in the islamic culture?

    i didnt find anything useful by searching