Sword Art Online – 10

Sword Art Online – 10

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18 Responses to “Sword Art Online – 10”

  1. randomguy says:

    oh god, thank you thank you thank you

  2. Catastrophe says:

    ASUNAAAA!!!!! (yeah, the only reason i’m watching this crap)

    • Ninte says:

      Your face is crap! >:O This is probably my fav anime of all time. >:c Thank you commiez, for quick subs once again. c:

      • Catastrophe says:

        your taste is crap then, aside from kirito and asuna (and some of the side chars) the plot and most side chars are retarded as hell.

        • Nickienator says:

          Your taste is too. Kirito and Asuna are both among some of the worst characters in anime history.

  3. bbo says:

    Asuna: I want your hand.
    Kirito: Here.

    Before anyone asks: It’s a game.
    Until your head is chopped off, a healer can fix it.

  4. Big_Boss_90 says:

    Thank you!

  5. AMg says:

    I do smell specials in the DVD/blu-ray release. Extended uncut and unrated materials pertaining this episode :3

    Now, let’s procreate life :9

  6. Fag It says:

    “Kuradeel, weren’t you were the one who brought the water?” @ 11:24.